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warriors needed


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Recruiting for new organization. Name not important. 

Once vetted and accepted you will beging 3 month prospect period. Upon completion you will be patched a full member. 

The following need not apply:


Basic training washouts 



Fat asses 


Individuals with no tactical experience



If these condtions are acceptable to you, and you think youll pass selection, contact me. One email. Your name and location, 

And you will be re routed to an encrypted text app to discuss your reasons for applying. 


This is not a once a month bullshit militia for drunks and cop worshippers. 

This is a resistance movement being formed due to the declining social climate of our nation. 


You will be tested, you will earn your patch and the right to wear our colors, and you will proudly train under our flag. 


I look forward to hearing from you,

See you on the other side, Warrior.


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