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NEW - Units can now have custom pages

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We continue to strive for new and innovative features to assist you in the facilitation of your militias.


We have recently given you all the opportunity to use our voice channels to schedule and hold online meetings, conferences or new member recruitment events. This has great potential to increase your reach. Please consider taking advantage of this in the future.


Today we have launched "Custom Pages" for units... Now all group leaders can add custom pages to their units. This is a great opportunity to implement applications to join or add special custom pages related to your unit. 


Don't forget you can also Mass Message all your members in seconds , sending them all the same message directly to their cell phones .. instantly! This is another feature that has huge implications related to scheduled events or SHTF situations.


This is our platform we all work together to make this site what it is. We are proud to have you all among us and will continue to add to what we have here to provide you with everything you need to increase your effectiveness.



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Author of the topic Posted

sounds like you are trying to post raw html code , can't do that as it would be a major security risk for the site. 


You can either...

  1. Build the application using the editor
  2. Use google docs to host your application and link to it on your page
  3. Embed a pdf (i can help)
  4. Link to the application on your website
  5. Add it as an attachment


Using raw html will never be an option

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