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Tommy O'Neil

A Dark Poem voice over 5g Depopulation

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The 5g Mind Melt

By Tom E. O’Neil

May 2, 2019


My thoughts are private

Unless I articulate them

Moods are not so subtle

Behavior can indicate

This bubble I’m in

Yet when I relate to another

How I’m feeling

I feel better

The mind is a complicated organ

A neuron capacity of a 100 billion

Equipped with short-term memory

And long term memory

A balancing act of chemicals

Stabilizing highs and lows

occipito-temporal cortex

Equals visual, spacial and tactile words

Right angular gyrus

Dramatic events and words describing time

right precentral sulcus



right prefrontal cortex

places as places of business, numbers and times

These are some of the complexities of the brain

Yet the ill effects of 5g

From a microwave heater

Repeater gone wild

Is the depopulation agenda 21

Brought to you by the governments

Of the world


·         Heated regions of the body, feeling sick

·         Flu like symptoms

·         Headaches that come suddenly, then disappear

·         Stinging sensations like a fly or mosquito has bitten you

·         Blurred vision

·         Irresistible coughing

·         inexplicable diarrhea

·         heat spells, hot flashes

·         Brain fog

·         Random muscle spasms


I say unite and tear down the towers

This is a revolution for survival

Turn off the wifi to your router

Use cat-5 cable

Via electrical outlets

In your home

This is an alarm we should all be

Activists standing together

Against 5g cell towers

There is an app called

Xmind that will be installed

Into the firmware on all 5g

Platforms some day

Which will be used as a

Mkultra app

Predicting your behavior

And monitoring your behavior

As the NSA and CIA can

Already see you and hear

Your from your laptop

Real time

Connect and die

Or just Tear down the 5g

Cell Towers in protest!






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