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2nd Amendment Rally May 6, 2019

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If anyone here attended the rally yesterday I sure would like your take on it. The turnout? The speakers? If you had any activities either alone or as a group after the rally to show your support for the 2nd Amendment and to oppose all Preemption laws what were they? Did you talk to any Representatives? How do you think those talks went? Basically just trying to get an idea of what you thought of the whole day in general. I was there, my 3rd year in a row but my first inside the Capitol. The 1st year I had my rifle so I knew I could not enter the building and I planned to just be outside with others who did the same. Last year I couldn't get in the building, so I stayed outside with my sidearm and hung out with the rifle bearers. This year was the first year I got inside. Let me know your thoughts.

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I was there....fair turnout for the norm...however...the problem is that with close to 80000 people that own firearms in the vicinity of Harrisburg and less than 500 showup that shows a lack of commitment from gun owners to protect their rights and empowers certain politicians to vote against us. We have had strong pro 2a politicians but still they vote against us regardless of what they promise. I have heard them outright lie (Ryan Aument promised to always vote pro 2a yet vote 100% for all new gun control legislation) It's really a joke on us to keep believing that they support our cause. Sadly...the only thing that will straighten this out is something no one wants to think about. We need to be organized.

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