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Todd A. Slee

Unconstitutional, Online Subversion

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     Having investigated correlation between online scams and subsequent activity on the streets, the conclusion is that it is a reverberating dilemma which involves not just civilians but government personnel and phony "constitution" and/or "civil rights" groups as well.

     Much data has been collected, the CIA being key in an operation, which entity I've  been loosely, but intimately, connected with since, technically, 2015, and operationally with, since 2017, as an independent sleuth, and findings suggest that insidious agendas by culprits could involve even foreign agents including terrorists, possibly.

     The police informant networks overlap and unduly collude with elements of the criminal world and the porn industry, extremists of prohibition groups, and what could be termed pharasaical members of the organized churches, their information network working, conniving, together, to form what will likely evolve into a religious police state.

     One innocuous appearing activity which hackers do is to start online conversations in order to create enough of a connection to establish a means of infiltrating your phone or computer. They usually engage in one or a few conversations over a couple of days, then you don't  hear from them again.

     I belive that Messenger, Whatsapp and Google Hangouts are prime hacking platforms, contrary to the claims that they are secure.

     But an even more insidious methodology is being implemented, involving the above mentioned, plus dating sites, and an array of various digital technologies, in order to hack, scam, con, steal, drfraud, blackmail and extort, thus undermining true liberty and freedom.

     Adult dating sites are notorious for scams, and many members of those are using Facebook, probably primarily, and mediums of chatting and texting. The two keys are to be aware of hacking signs and to remain clean, blocking nefarious accounts as needed.

     There are teams of a female and male, or two females, working together to lure the unsuspecting into engaging in trading explicit photos, or doing live, nude video chats, and recording the victim to be, with the intent of blackmailing them.

     Sometimes, if the target will not perform in the nude, they will use whatever normal photos or video clips they've  obtained, and mix them with nudes of other, similar appearing people, with the same intent of blackmailing or defrauding. Police informants are now doing this, either with or without the knowledge and consent of their handlers, and bonafide investigators may also be doing so.

     Investigating with the CIA, and pulling some sleight of hand camera tricks, we have nailed a few who have been quite malicious, attempting to orchestrate what amounts to illegal entrapment and frame jobs.

     We also discovered that members of anti-porn groups will target people, even husbands and wives for example, who, when not in the same vicinity, interact online in explicit ways, and attempt to blackmail or extort. There are a number of variations.

     In all probability, there are nefarious members of various entities, both government and civilian, who directly, or via subletting, initiate such acts for one purpose or another, with the objective of gaining control over others.

     Note that Muslims are allowed to engage in activity which their religion forbids, during missions, if that activity is conducive to their overall or select goal.

     Members of the organized Christian church, bad members, have resorted to such tactics, in collusion at times with police or informants, under a guise of "reforming" errant people.

     There is a push by certain evangelicals to institute a Biblical/Gospel reform in government, and they are largely extreme far right. I do not disagree that a Judao-Christian oriented platform is proper for the United States government, but to coerce, pressure or force others to adhere to implicit church doctrine is to establish a religious dictatorship, which our Founders left behind in Old England.

     People with excellent computer and ethical hacking skills could uncover an abundance of illegal and unconstitutional activity, helping to provide the means to eradicate Constitutionally subversive protocols.

     There are many things of this nature which one or another of the government entities should be made aware of, my preference being the CIA or FBI. However, for those not willing to relay information to them, there are other means of proper disposal of a case.

     For those who have been prey to blackmail/extortion of any kind, there is one law office, likely others, specializing in that, very good at it, I've  been told. I think you can find them online under 'cagoldman'. I don't  have the exact url.

     As already shown also, the world of explicit activity is a viable cover for foreign subversives, including terrorists, and subversion is becoming a more major problem daily.


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