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Well, for all you would be Patriots that like to crow and talk loud about what you would do IF THIS OR THAT! Well folks, IF, Has already started in our own State of Alabama! The FBI busted up a Muslim Terrorist training camp in Tuskeegee, Alabama and arrested 4 Muslims that were training and recruiting kids to carry out terrorist attacks in this country! Since they are kids, I suspect a lot of those attacks were geared toward our own State of Alabama! People, it can't get any closer than that unless we are actually a victim of one of those planned attacks! We have no idea of what these people have already got in motion before they got arrested and we do not know how many kids or adults they already have trained! We are now just waiting on a place and time for something to happen! Patriots, Militia members, if you are sitting on your hands and not taking the serious threat of Muslim /Islamic control over religion, the invasion of illegal immigrants and the trouble that is bringing, such s drug, human trafficking, gangs and vast overcrowding of the population in this country and the spread of socialism and a one world global system with the United Nations as the world police force and the disbanding our Constitution, then you had better start training and get your equipment and supplies in order and get ready to defend your freedoms! If you are not a member of an active training Militia unit, JOIN ONE! If you are a member or members of a militia with two or three members, then find one with enough members to train, fight and protect each other and your families! If you are looking for a member in North Alabama, our unit, The Alabama Oathkeepers III% Militia would welcome you to join our group!  The time has come for every man and woman patriot to come together as one and stand up and fight this mess in our country and send it packing to somewhere else!

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