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The Electoral College was developed and put in place for only one reason:  To prevent the "majority" in a Democracy from imposing it's will (simply through weight of numbers) on the total population.  If we didn't have the EC, as mentioned above, the 6 or 7 largest US cities would ALWAYS DICTATE what the rest of the country would have to live with.


Here's an example, that's not too far fetched.  A New Green Deal idea says that pesticides are killing us... all the big cities, with their progressive ideas agree.  The MAJORITY popular vote passes a Constitutional Amendment (referendum) saying no pesticides can be used in producing our food stuffs.  Insects proliferate and crop yields drop...so the majority votes to put a steep tax on the producers, so the government can subsidize the higher priced crops.  Nothing can stop the lunacy of the MAJORITY.  


Enter the Electoral College.  The (sparsely populated) agricultural producers across the country "control" 292 of the 435 Congressional Districts, so when the pesticide ban comes to a referendum vote, it doesn't pass.  The less populated agricultural areas in this case, were able to stand against the MAJORITY popular vote, because the votes are divided by Congressional Districts.


The Founding Fathers were pretty sharp cookies... much more so than the air heads and biased political hacks that are operating the government today!  

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They're never going to get over the result of the 2016 election; how the deep state couldn't prevent it and how they haven't been able to remove the president. Like the saying goes, he's living in their heads rent free.



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