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WATCH: Suspect Ignores 30 Commands From San Diego Cop, Gets Killed

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A San Diego cop shot and killed a man who ignored dozens of commands to stop advancing while swinging a chain. Officer Corey Pitts shouted approximately 30 times for the suspect, Vaughn Denham, to stop. Finally, after retreating for some time, the officer put down the threat.

Body cam footage shows Pitts arrive on the scene. Immediately, Denham acted deranged, violently swinging the heavy chain, striking the squad car. Then Pitts deployed a taser, which proved ineffective. The suspect swung the chain at the time of deployment, possibly dislodging the connection.

Regardless, Denham kept advancing on the officer, who continuously commanded the suspect to get down. All the while, Pitts kept creating distance as he radioed for backup.

San Diego Cop Responds

“… Pitts ordered Denham to drop the chain and Denham refused while continuing to walk toward the officer, swinging the chain. Pitts used a Taser but it didn’t stop Denham, forcing Pitts to retreat for a block and a half while he continued to order Denham to drop the chain and get on the ground,” reported 10news.com.

Finally, Pitts fired two shots at the suspect, putting him down and ending the confrontation.

Denham later died from his wounds at the hospital. According to the toxicology report, the suspect tested positive for phencyclidine (PCP), cannabinoids and methamphetamine, according to 10news.com.

The incident began when police responded to a call that a man had attacked another person, using a machete. That’s when Pitts arrived on the scene and found Denham wielding a four-foot dog chain.

Local officials, meanwhile, cleared Pitts and called the incident a good shooting. “Based on these circumstances, Pitts fired at Denham in his own defense. He therefore bears no state criminal liability for his actions,” said the District Attorney’s office, as reported by 10news.com.

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