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The Second Revolution is just around the bend


We are heading down a road that I never would have thought would come. There are several people who want to destroy America and create a new Country. They do not want the Constitution to govern this land. They want their own rules that make everyone feel special.


They are trying to take our only means of defending ourselves to make it easier for them to take control. They are trying their best to soften the Masculinity of the males in this Country. They have been working on that one for years. They managed to have some of their forces trained in the Armed Forces over the past several years so they could help in training the rest when the time comes.


The biggest problem with their thought process is they will not win. The resolute of the American Patriot is so great, that there will be a massacre. The only thing that I see happening is the division of the land. The first attempt at dividing this land was during the beginning of the Civil War. South Carolina was the first to try and break free in Dec. 1860.


This time it may just become a reality. We may just see this Country fall divided before long. These Career Politicians on the one side want to bring in a whole new set of rules. Those rules go against everything we were founded on. They are still pushing for a One World Order. No one can tell me this isn’t true.


In 1980 there were a set of stones erected with their message written on them. A set of 10 guidelines is inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages, and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts. Those rules are to try and create the “Perfect World”, and we know that will never happen, because a Perfect World will never exist.


Number 6 written on the stones says; “Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court”. These people pushing the One World Order have been comparing our Land to those of others claiming it works for them. (No Guns) When in absolute reality it truly doesn’t work. Their populations are but minute fractions of that here in America.


With the future of the blood shed coming to American, I see a Country divided that will end up being just like the Middle East. We will always be at war with each other. It is a true sad state of affairs to see our Country being divided right before our eyes. They do not want our President who is flushing out the bad, while trying to bring back the good. They will do everything they can think of to destroy where we are headed.


Why might you ask? The way I see it, they have been bringing in people from foreign lands without them having to do it legally so they have more on their side when the time comes for the war. These people have no loyalty to those who do not want them here. They want them to be able to vote in elections because the people of America do not want the impending division to happen in the first place.


The Millennial’s want Socialism. They believe that our way of running this Country is outdated and Everyone deserves a trophy. When in all reality they have no clue how this all works because those who wanted this change have already stopped teaching to these children what really happened in the History of our Nation.


I you do not want the division of our Country to take place then I suggest you open your eyes and start figuring out what you are going to do to stop these folks from trying to take over. I for one will fight until my last breath is drawn. I pray that my feet will be covered in brass before my last breath is taken. God have Mercy on our Country. Long live the American Patriot. III%

Rev. E

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The only reason the United States along with the entire world are not already completely enslaved under a tyrannical one world rule, is because of our 2nd amendment backing up the rest of our Bill of Rights which confirm not convey our natural God given individual personal rights.  Our armed citizenry is all that stands up to keeping this from happening here and in many other nations.  This is why our 2nd amendment will always continue to be attacked along with our other amendments in the Bill of Rights.  It is why they will never stop because it is necessary to disarm us to accomplish their goals.  We must be forever vigilante in this ongoing struggle to remain free. 

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