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IL Sen. Taunts Gun Owner: Maybe We’ll Just Confiscate Your Firearms

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I don't live far from Julie Morrison.   She lives near Deerfield Illinois the town that past a municipal assault weapon ban.   The Illinois supreme court put a block on her law.     I also attended a "Donuts with Dan Didion" in Lincolnshire Illinois not far from Deerfield.    I was shocked at how different

those people are from where I live, DeKalb Illinois and the rest of Illinois for that mater.   In Lincolnshire, those people hate guns, their mind is made up a  I couldn't talk to them.


I'm in  regular contact with the Illinois state representatives and tell them there are not likely to get gun control passed without the support of gun owners.   There's just to many of us.    I marched on the Illinois state capitol building with 6000 other Illinois gun owner is March of 2019 and plan to go again next year.     Contact your representatives both state and congress.    Don't just bitch and complain, present some ideas that will work for everyone


Illinois has a gun owner Identification card abbreviated (FOID) that we must have to purchase guns, ammo and be in possession of both.   It is a direct infringement on our 2nd amendment rights but I support the gun card anyway.   They do background checks to obtain the card and background checks again to  buy guns.    I'm glad we have it, puts Illinois ahead of the rest of the states without gun cards.    Illinois wanted to make changes in the foid card.   Illinois municipalities have task forces the only confiscate foid cards and guns.     I contacted a representative that is anti gun and told her the state needs to make a change.   Confiscate the foid cards when the criminal is before the judge and with his attorney.   Don't leave it up the police months later.   And at the same time arrange a new home for the criminals guns.     The anti-gun representative wrote back, like my idea.


These mass shootings will not come to a stop anytime soon.    People, all people need to learn self defense and first aid to help shooting victims and how to protect yourself and family.    Stop blaming pres Trump for everything.



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2 hours ago, themachinist said:

Chicago and the suburbs need to break away from Illinois and form their own state.    Those people are so different 

The rest of Illinois needs to secede and kick Chicago and their suburbs out as their own separate territory.

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Posted (edited)

This topic comes up often in Illinois.    The question comes up could Chicago survive on its own or could the rest of Illinois survive without Chicago.   The facts are Chicago is such a money pit it wouldn't do well without receiving tax income from all of Illinois.   It is wishful thinking anyway.


On a slightly different topic concerning Illinois.    Our liberal governor, the liberals in general, continue to think government needs to tax the rich.   I researched this theory.    There are only 14 thousand families in Illinois that make over 200 thousand dollars a year.    If the state taxed this group at 100% (the state takes all the money from the rick) it wouldn't be enough money to pay the interest on the public pension deficit!!!!!!     Illinois debt is insane.


Illinois does have a plus.     Illinois does not tax retirement income, since I'm retired it works for us.   Now Illinois wishes they hadn't done that.

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