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Lethimos World: Get Ready for the Unexpected

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Lethimos World: Get Ready for the Unexpected

Survival and prepping 101, based more on knowledge than on gear collecting. 30 years experience in outdoor, survival and prepping. In a period like this with words like earthquake, tornado, hurricane, just to say natural threats, then others less natural like Ebola, Isis, Ukraine getting everyday on the top news, is easy to understand how instable our world is.

Prepping is becoming a must, learning the basics of survival, how to create and manage a disaster recovery plan is a duty, just like preparing a bug out bag and building a small storage for some supplies and gear.

But not only that, learning prepper and survivalist tips, how to craft things, some diy basics is always a good idea.

Survivalism, if lived the right way, is never pointless, never a waste of time

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