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George Town National Rally (URGENT)

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As you are aware, U.S. Soldiers, those that have served only operate on U.S. Law.  Warfare varies, thus the red line can be a little blurred as to what the legal grounds are according to treaties, legal codes, the Constitution.  Most soldiers operate under United States Codes, exercise the Geneva Conventions, follow the U.C.M.J.  One of the biggest hurdles right now is where we are at with all the current warfare being deployed, mainly Psychological Warfare to which there is no current legal definition, propaganda machines like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and the technology infrastructure being used.  Then you have race baiting, judges re-writing law.  But, what do you have when you have un-elected officials re-writing legislation on top of that?  You have exactly what you see now, two sets of law, and lawlessness.  The purpose of this rally is to organize people and get them on board with what the red line is that allows by our Constitution action by people.  The main codes in play are Title 18 United States Code Chapter 5, 2381, 2384.  Also when judges and officials violate their oaths under Title 5 United States Code 3331, or any uniformed or office under this oath that is a violation?  Why are they not being enforced?  Well, that is because the documents enshrines make clear it is the people that fix these issues not the government, or not one President.  First you must follow the first historical precedent our founding fathers laid out, be on the same page, define that red line, have unanimous agreement.  Short and sweet, when you steal elections you are committing rape on a nation wide scale, the right to chose who governs.  Taking this choice, breaks the social contract of conformance to the laws that are written or even their enforcement as you can no longer validate them as the authentic will of the people.  Second, it is a undeclared war within U.S. boundaries, in violation of Geneva conventions as installation of a fiat government of the elected is Treason by it's nature and warfare.


This unexpected knowledge of our U.S. Codes and that red line has resulted in the situation we see today, which, and only which can be resolved by the people, nobody else.  I recently noted to the three percents we are already conquered.  The truth is, we are.  Our would be rulers have stolen elections, this next election even if you deport the machines are in the hands of a tech giant that is based on Eugenics and founded by Bill Gates and the biggest adversary to the presidency.  You have Ebola in our boundaries now being bused to who knows where.  Five times a day in Brooklyn, New York the Muslim call to prayer goes out, so now New York is Deer-borne, Michigan.  Our hope is to clarify outside propaganda what the red line is by law, the requirements and obligations of a people in light of the aforementioned, to make a list of demand, reasonable demands such as un-elected removed, oath violators removed, and have a majority decision by all Americans who care and want their country back, in one voice, "No More."  Not under cover, in broad, plain view for the world to see, and to re-affirm our American Heritage as one nation under God.  This list of reasonable demands will be signed after the progression of events and delivered to Congress, the Supreme Court, The White House, Our Department of Justice and it will include the demand to decentralize schools, detach them from federal funding, and many more that are necessary to preserving this nation.  This will also include a plan to ensure there is a branch, not for the government but a self sustaining well funded branch that puts technology in the hands of the people, and can petition the government directly thru a central means in each state, but also have the money and power to call up the unregulated militia in times of need such as the critical point we are at.



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