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Sovereign Question (Dem's Pushing War)

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I will say, to site the U.N. Agenda by democratic leaders in Oregon is outrageous which is another reason why I feel we need to clarify who the sovereign is in this country, the Constitution.  We don't answer to U.N. Agendas, neither do we promote their policies, but it's becoming obvious, more and more each day, we have U.N. Aligned political people in DC, Oregon and other places.  I also am not finding mention of this in many other places, so I have hesitation in stating the accuracy or even legitimacy of this.  I know I will be calling around finding out facts today as I do absolutely agree, if politicians want to boycott a vote, don't go using state run police to drag them in to pass a bill that will turn yet another state in to California.






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There are numerous postings against the UN and their agendas on this site.  Any regular on here knows about their plans for world wide government, domination and enslavement by their elite ruling class, but thanks for the heads up on this.

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On 6/23/2019 at 4:10 PM, Let_Freedom_Ring said:

There are numerous postings against the UN and their agendas on this site.  Any regular on here knows about their plans for world wide government, domination and enslavement by their elite ruling class, but thanks for the heads up on this.

I'm sure most do by now, no hiding it.  I think the issue that really faces America is the Psychological warfare being employed by Big Tech, and Main Stream Media.  As a former soldier, when you black out information, create confusion, distribute propaganda, use old tactics of removing borders to bring in other populations with plagues and hatred for a country while removing laws thru un-elected power, then you have a undeclared war.  The problem I am finding with most soldiers, veterans, militia, is, while there is a willingness to be willing to fight this off our turf and hold these people accountable, there is a uncertainty as to the legitimate red line.  Unfortunately each war is unique, in this one having a larger militia entity that declares when militias should raise and bear arms waiting on a President to say "Fight!", well that won't work here.  The problem is the blockage, my game screens, social media, and a number of other dumb down practices.  This is one of the reasons over the last year, I have begun establishing a company, doing word of mouth and in person conversations with other individuals who have served, soldiers, never served and been passing out information that is public and some not commonly known thus a agreement to hold a large nationwide rally.


Social media can censor online content, hence the uncertainty, and not all people are legal experts.  This is why there must be a large unanimous meeting to define what the U.S. Laws actually define as a legit cause to assemble.  Some serious issues we are witnessing currently is our own Department of Justice, in defiance, refusing to prosecute actual crimes against certain individuals, though they can be fully indicted and convicted without reasonable doubt.  Under Title 18 U.S.C. 2381, 2384, and 5, these became grounds under these cases for a following of protocol legally.  Because of confusion and no definitive red line, nobody will ever act.  When you have 3 branches of government including law enforcement so mixed and compromised warring inside with no action to deal with violations of these serious natures, then you now have legit cause to put together a assembly, define legally the red line, and you don't do it by social media, electronics, you do it in person, by mouth, from the mouths of those qualified to define the law.  While Title 18 U.S.C. 5 is the basis of all oaths, when that was not enforced in all parts equally, that opened the door to what we see today.  Unfortunately what we are witnessing from project Veritas today in regards to Google, that is treason, starting wars by rogue government is treason, election meddling and tampering was really where the red line legally was defined.  See, when you install a fiat government over the legit U.S. government being elected of the people then you now have undeclared war against the U.S. and it's people, it also violated the Geneva conventions in regards to uniformed requirements.


The major issue America really faces, we never obtained a fully unregulated, well funded militia.  People by themselves can not sustain such a effort.  Thus in a case like this, the first order of business is clarification.  You don't jump hoops from A to C, A being just cause, to C being war.  You follow protocol as laid out in 1776.  You peacefully assemble, you define the problem, you provide the laws, re-affirm the sovereignty, re-ignite the heritage, you define the legal issues and where the problem is, and you make sure the number of people in agreement is so large and so vast it sends shock waves.  Once you have that red line defined in agreement, no confusion, you send a letter of demands, reasonable, same as our forefathers did to Great Britain.  Four demands I can name right now, step down of those in violation of Title 5 USC 3331 and un-elected by name which we have data to prove, removal of the defiant department of justice and a filling of those vacancies, strict regulatory standards that limit Psychology and it's weaponized use currently being employed and a fund to actually treat the real mental health conditions created, decentralization of our School System and disconnect of Universities from Federal Funding.  The problem we face is one President is not a cure all, hes a stop gap measure, we need to quit looking at him as the cure all, he is not Jesus Christ, he's a man, like you and like me, a good man with some dirt like we all have who had the balls to say, "No".  Those documents in Washington make it absolutely clear it is the people that fix the issues not the President and unfortunately with what we are seeing in Veritas videos today, it is clear, 2020 is being targeted with election theft unprecedented.  2016 was a mis-calculation, 2018 they didn't mis-calculate we have the evidence of 20 house seats stolen by fiat, that is the red line and what legislation are they writing, look at Oregon now.  People need to be willing to back those demands, but it can never be a single mans effort, must be a majority ready to back those demands and there must be a clear and precise message that we the people are now in charge, and we are prepared to hold them accountable in one loud voice.


I wanted to add, I speak for myself, I am not a advocate of war, I am a advocate of peace.  I have read many great works, Homer, Edward Gibbons, Sun Tsu, 8000 years of world history.  These wars as long as the 1960's totally unjust, those people make their choices and choose to live the way they do.  They were unjust and created by a rogue element in our nation frothing at the mouth for war.  Iraq was a unjust war, I have seen the devastation, bathed in the blood of my enemies, hence the injuries i bear, then suffered numerable wrongs on return.  I have children, and my children must have a future and yours to.  Thus, I will only say, while I have breath and while I am still able, one last time I am willing, but I would never go from "Just Cause" to "War" or even call for such without due process and legitimate cause.  Those that hunger for it are lunatics, or inexperienced and don't really understand it.  I only advocate a honest open intermediary, unfiltered discussion on a unanimous agreement by our Constitution, U.S. Codes what the red line was that we passed long ago, a removal of the block on any confusion, and a opportunity to avoid any such requirement but a willingness to back a unified agreement of demands if necessary to which I would be the first in line back it, only because this nation, the people, you, I, your children, my children, very worth it.  Iraq, piss hole country, this nation, it's worth some more injuries and little more price if it means another 200 years of freedom and prosperity.  True freedom, not the illusion.  Also, it does no good to have "Just Cause", "Fight" but not repair the mortar of the foundation that allowed such to be the case for all time.  Houses require solid foundations, and from time to time the foundation needs repair.

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