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Little About Myself and Situation

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Before I entered the Army in 2005 I had no prior legal history, just a average guy.  Economy was broke, lived in rural Wisconsin, I had degrees in computer science, but could not obtain work in my field.  In desperation, I entered the army.  I was deployed to Iraq in 2007 - 2008.  On return, I was given numbers that did not work, about 3 drills and 6 months of break.  None of my jobs prior, I had three of them would put me back to work.  I had a herniated disc in my c4-c5, no I have another one at c5-c6.  I had scar tissue in my spine and immense nerve damage.  I was also suffering from PTSD.  After running out of rent money, I slept in my bag and cover in snow, beside wooded railroad tracks in Minnesota, nearly a 100 miles from my home, working a job with no medical treatment as the Veterans Hospital and VBA had not entered my in the system.


Outside of divorce that occurred 4 years later, I have spent 7 out of 10 years homeless.  Until 2016 I lived on 6 to 700 dollars month, with my Grandmother.  I had not lived with family since I was fifteen.  In 2016 I oversaw my grandmothers affairs, she died in 2017 in a nursing home as per her wishes.  I have no family.  I finally received my 100% rating but it turned out it was not static (Permanent) as I was told.  Aside from a number of other anger issues, I could not receive PTSD treatment, the VBA walked over federal guidelines doing over 6990 in damages.  So, I made a error in 2017 and broke under 1 terminally ill son, another daughter being with held, and I am sick of not being able to go to court and get my rights guaranteed.  What business does government have in family, or transferring wealth or even mediating in the family, get out of our families.  Ladies, you bear the kids, so you choose you live with it.  Men live with their decisions, quit using courts as your means to transfer from men what you feel you deserve, you deserve no more than I do.  If you deserve to live I do to, but I will not go into a system where I will be billed and who cares if I eat out of a trash can, sleep in a ditch, or threaten my license, or jail time because i can't pay.


I also find it sick, you can post my 3 criminal wrongs, mainly anger and PTSD issues for the world to see, but you can't post my service record.  Just to make it I had to bring in a tech who has a vehicle so I have any prayer of survival.  I don't ask for help and I am tired of having my few wrongs held for years after as ammunition to use but you can't put my service record in public for the world to see.  Not that it matters, most my true record didn't come back.  So at this point, knowing what is really going on, why government is in family, why the laws are silent, why I am being destroyed, facing homelessness once again because people wont rent to me on a open case, even if it's illegal since the presumption of innocence is a basic human right, yes, I am for holding accountability and legal overview.


The worse part is, the few times I have stuffed my pride and asked for help, after all the work searching, passing certs, fighting to survive, I have a dying child who has seen me six times in my life at most because mother ran off for 13 years with him state to state.  She steals the federal tax returns even though all arrears are paid.  Part of me hates this country, a big part has grown to hate women, I used to think all women, but generalizations, that's wrong.  So, let's just say in fairness, the majority of women in this country.  You want normal, go to the Philippines.  Basic people, just a little, and your spoiling them.  They all want to come here, they love how we treat them, they appreciate what we do and their attitude makes a man love them.  They work hard.


It's a sad day, when I have given out of need but when I ask from people, nobody gives back, so I am fighting for my life right now yet again.  I have no help, I'll never ask again.  But, I established this company and I'll die with it simply because it was designed as a plan to begin bringing people out of poverty.  I don't take pay, all my checks fuel the business.  We just did our first tech job today after all these months.  But even this morning, at least the guy googled me and had the decency to ask if that old man was gone, I told him, "He's never gone, but he's better than he was, once in a while he still crawls out."  The only reason I even bother to speak and care is because there is still this big part of me that remembers "Mr Ed", "Mayberry", "Lassi" and what we used to be, but another big part hates the cowards and dumbed down people we have allowed ourselves to become in that we won't sign up to actually hold these criminals accountable.  If I was given a uniform, gun, today and told, go get them, I'd do it without fear because I know the price and you can't sit around and debate or ask questions in the face of these evils.  Unfortunately there are times when you throw peace to the wind for the greater good, we are there, were there a long time ago, but we restrain from fear, reasonable fear, but when it gets to where fear is the controller, you have lost.  In that sense I regret serving and being injured for a people that have not lifted a finger in their own defense, then to be willing to do it again, I must be insane.


I spent all these years investigating, using my skills to document, I am reaching everybody by word of mouth, passing out evidence you have never seen as to how really bad things are, something far worse than most know.  All I ever wanted is a family and I can't even obtain that.  These are deeper injuries than the physical ones I carry, and what do I receive for it?  A spit in the face, very few have even though about helping me achieve this so I can get people involved to begin breaking the poverty this country is under and technology, infrastructure, corporations are the way, but they also have something else that can ensure this never happens again in our history, the ability to be owned by the people and to provide income to keep the government in check but never be owned by the government.  We need to be helping the druggies, the homeless.  If you have heard the stories I have heard, you would bleed inside and out.  It's government that creates many of these issues, it's people that fix them and if you won't help a man like me, then you won't help each other.  In this sense, I fear we are doomed, because to many people are afraid of damage and being hurt by reaching out, but if you would be a leader, then you take the damages.  Your the first on, the last off.  You never ask others to do what you won't.   You never quit, you never accept defeat, you never leave a fallen comrade.


I hope this does not offend anyone by posting this, but I wanted to share who I am, where I am at, and why I am working so hard in every aspect every day, to WIN.  It's my duty.  I did not come back to peace, I came back to the real war, and I didn't know it until I began really looking.  Now I know and if you won't hear this, then just save the money and wait.

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