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When I began building this company, there was a plan in place to begin implementing new technologies, establish a board, but the major question was how to counter the tech companies in a fashion that was swift, crushing and then ensure that the technology never ended up in the hands of big corporations, or subject to government interference again.  Another big question on my mind was how to help the people in a war such as this, in which all people could deal with corrupt judges, un-elected officials, election rigging, with good funding, the ability to counter the government but not attached to the government.  Imagine my surprise when I realized that all the red tape currently on so many things, none exists for corporations.  It was at this time I meet a man who introduced me to the idea of a peoples branch.  


I thought I'd dedicate a little time as to why you would want to support this endeavor.  The peoples branch is actually more like the unregulated, well funded militia we should of had long ago not attached to the government.  No standing militia can sustain it's self solely off the funds of the people.  The answer resides with a corporation.  I don't mean a publicly traded Corporation, I mean a Limited Liability Corporation.  "Isn't corporations the problem in the first place?"  The answer is "Yes but it can also be the answer."  Allow me to explain this.  The technology exists to push back Google, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and a number of other liberal outlets, however a Limited Liability Corporation, is it's own independent entity totally subject to it's charter and board.  So the plan was born and this is why I need your support.


Essentially, the goal is to get this company booking, put eleven people on the board.  The charter is to make the board elected by the people solely the citizens in the state it resides.  You put term limits on the board.  Just like a government position but instead this is not publicly traded and does not belong to the government.  The legal paperwork will be done to hand over the technology and company to the people of that state to be run by the elected board of eleven members.  This corporation will focus on generating profit, putting that profit into further ventures but also will have the ability to back up power plays, such as dealing with stolen elections, immune judges and dealing with peoples grievances, meeting needs, providing technological advances and various other avenues to be self sustaining and in a case like we are facing have the ability to call up a standing army in the state it resides to deal with Federal or State government corruption to back up enforcement of U.S. laws.  It still operates under the law in regards to taxes, follow IRS laws, but, it belongs to the people and can powerfully back up, on behalf of the people, with their approval and vote in that state any corruption issues or compromised systems totally detached from the government.  Again the key is, self sufficient money making entity, belonging to the people of that state and a elected board.


Lets span out a bit.  Put one in each state.  Let's decentralize the corporation, same name for recognition, but decentralize.  Each state corporation has it's own board of eleven men or women elected by the people.  Now lets say, for some reason, one state goes rogue.  It's surrounded by multiple other states capable of keeping it in check and enforcing the corporate policy while still maintaining the ability to address corruption and enforcement against officials that violate U.S. Code.  In a case where enforcement is necessary, it is not reliant on donations but fueled by the people and services thus can call into being in that state a standing unregulated, well armed militia, on vote of the people and at such time the people deem a need to require enforcement and can call on other states separate of the government to aid and assist.  One might think this is adding another layer.  "No"  It's simply providing the mechanism in each state necessary to ensure the people have a mechanism totally free of any government entity to ensure all their rights from judges and government over reach, abuse, compromise and instead of a central entity that takes the orders from the president who is government, it takes it's orders from the votes of the people and is totally decentralized. 


Now, think anyone could try to take over 52 state corporations belonging to the people, with elected board by the people?  Think if this company could call up a standing army in that state and it's focus was to ensure oaths are kept, compromise is removed, un-elected are removed, corrupt officials are no longer immune anybody would try to achieve what they are trying now?  Think this would scare the enemy off the turf of the U.S. and ensure another 200 years of peace and security?  You might think, that's illegal.  Nope.  You can turn a company over to anyone including the citizens of a state, you can also hire mercenaries, so you can raise a standing militia and with the funding.


The technologies I have planned if you will begin to support my building this company is listed in my post in news and current events.


Let me know what you think... would love feed back.




Darian A. Glinski

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