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I won't go in to detail.  You can find my company mission and goals in the news forum and the talk of "The Peoples Branch" as a planned charter for this company.  I have suffered over 60 thousand in damages from the VA since my return from Iraq.  I deal in all technology, hosting, websites, computer builds and manufacturing.  We carry certs with America's largest tech contract distributor.  However, I failed to turn this store into it's intended purpose with the VA yanking my benefits around, deliberately violating law to do so, tort damages and more.  We are PCI compliant.  If you read the mission statements and plans intended, you need anything, discounts go to anyone in uniform, militia, patriots or mentioning this site.  I also take donations.  I am a limited liability corporation.  Yes, I do software development and website design, dedicated hosting, medical records hosting but if you have nothing to purchase than I am asking for donations.  I can not fuel this myself and I already worked on a injured spine, severely injured after my tour in Iraq to get in here.  I'd prefer to win but I have to ask for business or donations.  The company has no debts, contracts are scarce, mobility is difficult.  We take VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and Discover.  We are a registered Limited Liability Corporation and I am trying to generate enough revenue to get inventory and shelves in, advertise and at least get the main part, hardware repair going.  I have been in computers 25+ years, you want I can build and am registered with all American made technologies and my electronics are superior in quality.  I am so confident in my work I extend a third year limited warranty on custom manufactures.  We ship.  I also price match and despite other companies, I will guarantee lowest rates.  So, either or, need your support.  Thanks.


Interactive 3D International L.L.C.

2198 Eastridge Center

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 54701

Phone: 715-895-6650

Cell: 715-514-7883

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