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As I begin to put this rally together nationwide I wish to begin addressing some of the issues we are facing in these difficult times.  I made a commitment as of last year, my desire, is to change lives, break poverty and help my fellow Americans in becoming independent and prosperous again.  This begins in one's self.  As we are one nation under God, I wish to speak to this fact.  This was not Budha, Allah, this was the living God who issued the ten commandments inscribed upon the supreme court walls.  If the time comes to stand on principal you must not only have just cause, but you must have divine providence.  George Washington was a man of faith and after war he was the first U.S. President.  This message I am attaching is for the wounded men and women in this nation, and it comes from the very bible those commandments that brought this nation into being which are inscribed on the Supreme Court Walls.  The first place you begin in all change, if it be personal, family, country is with yourself and my greatest prayer is that you will hear what this man say's.  I particularly wish to speak to the fathers like myself who have been wounded in this weaponized system and raped by wicked women and even women who just did wrong using this unjust system.   The greatest tragedy is the loss of your children and I think we ignore the emotional and spiritual damage being done by this unjust system to the men, people believe it's just a mans role and it is definitely not.  Like fathers are not deeply injured and wounded, raped in essence.  I read in the forum today the plea of a man who gave cold, hard facts.  I will be the first to tell you, a couple years ago, under 10 years of fighting with the VBA, thousands in damages, a terminally ill child I never have known, my daughter being with held, I snapped.  The case is still open and the law is terribly unjust and wrong, and even contradictory.  My desire for revenge had consumed me for many years, but, my question is, is revenge, anger, holding on to hatred and being consumed doing anything for you?  Is it bringing any change in your life?  There is a time and season for all things.  I will never allow my daughter back in my life again because of the emotional compromise and daily I must forgive and surrender.  I hope this message will go out and you will listen and I hope this will speak to your heart.  The first step to becoming successful and a leader, and a real man, is, you must learn to surrender and forgive.  You were made with wonderful design and this life is but a moment, tomorrow you can be gone, just like that.  It's what you leave behind and if all you hold is bitterness, anger, revenge then you will leave behind that legacy.  The major issue facing our future is the legacy we will leave for our children and what this man has to say is where that change and breaking of poverty really begins.  


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