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Peaceful Support - American's Predicament

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I wanted to start off by asking a question.  How many of you have done something in your life you have regret?  How many of you have done something wrong but never been caught?  How many of you have lost your cool?  Did you know a report came out some time back that we have so many laws on the book the average American commits four felonies a day just getting up and going to bed?  Now, I worked in communications, I am a IT professional, best in my field, with twenty-five+ years software, hardware, and classified information systems experience.  The average person can get on the internet, google your name and find out anything they want about a specific person.  Did you know, things you've done, even little details you would never think are out there for peoples viewing pleasure?  What if I took up journalism and Googled your name?  What if I took my abilities and every name of every person I decided to check out and I passed judgment on journals, articles, or other things I could scrub then slapped a ugly mug shot or some picture from you past on the article and publicized it?  Well, it's happening every day.  I don't care what alias I use or you use, I and every American have this ability, myself more than most.  Is it right?  How long should a man or woman's wrongs be available and used?  What info should be public and private?  If a person commits a crime, even if it's not violent, should I be permitted twenty years after the fact, even if the person has changed to look it up, pass judgement, employ it?  How much is to much, how long is enough?


I don't bother hiding.  It's fruitless.  Forget the ability to disappear, you can't.  Don't worry about your forum alias because your real name can be found and researched.  So, with this being said, I wanted to share a little about my story, what I have been thru in this regard, and why I need your support and why we need to begin putting a end to the people behind this.  It very much is effecting you everyday and millions of Americans, and it is wrong.


Before I left for Iraq, I had already suffered the death of one child.  I am finding out today, it was Vaccines, not S.I,D.S.  Imagine that feeling years after you find out the truth about this in regards to your first son.  After Iraq, I came back, my son's mother, who is now fourteen, calls me up and states "Your son is terminally ill with a rare genetic illness."  During years prior to Iraq, during Iraq, and after Iraq, she ran off with him for thirteen years.  I've seen him six times in his life.  All his life, because I would not pursue him in court for the thousands it would have cost me, frankly, I didn't have, I chose instead to hate him.  He was a expense, a car payment, and I used that in mean, nasty ways to hurt her.  She's a woman, you hurt a woman with the child, deepest injury you can inflict.  However, the truth is, it was a inversion, she used him, I used him worse.  My daughter was born in 2009 with my ex-wife, this was one year after Iraq.  My ex-wife threatened to kidnap her and make sure I never saw her again.  I drove down to our house which I had left her to get away so she had the place, I breached the door, took my daughter by force.  Ultimately I pleaded to criminal damage of property, but, still listed as domestic abuse.  The three times since Iraq I have been in court, not one judge has look at this woman and asked, "You don't have problem threatening to kidnap his daughter and make sure he never see's her again to meet your demands?"  But, these judges will try and tackle me for defending that relationship.  It was 2017, after years of seeing my daughter half time, some times more, my ex-wife with held her.  The VA in September that year, walked over Federal Guidelines to which I now have a tort claim, and did 6990.00 in damages.  My son's mother, despite me telling her never to contact me and blocking her phone, got another phone and went over it wanting my understanding.  My ex-wife, sent three emails demanding to speak to my daughter, no response, no cards, nothing.


That same year I was under a doctor that would cuss, swear, intimidate me in his office, slam doors, deny medical.  Finally, under all the pain and anguish and distress, I snapped.  I sent a few emails threatening my ex-wife with bodily harm, but I also threatened corrupt judges, liberal politicians, and a few well know names, and I threatened to find them and swing them from street lamps.  Took the same oath, I have back injuries, a spinal disease related to injuries I sustained, PTSD.  Total snap.  Before I went to Iraq, never had legal trouble, come back three times.  After this a wonderful local paper wrote a article about it, slapped my mug shot on there and for the last year and a half it has been thrown in my face in obtaining contract work.  My new subcontractor was at least decent.  He comes up to me the morning of this June 25th and approaches me, states, "I Googled your name.  You have a colorful history.  My wife, if she knew would demand I cut ties with you.  I just want to know, is that old man gone?"  I'm a Christian and I am a honest man, I replied, "The old man is never gone.  He is always under there ready to come out.  I must deal with him daily and I have been fighting for years to get the treatment I need but have been unable to obtain it because the system is broke."  I explained a little more along the lines I am right here.


The right to the presumption of innocence became a basic human right after we signed treaties with the U.N. then it was ratified by our government.  You have it, I have it.  But, it has been the basis for denial of renewing my prior lease leaving me homeless for 3 months last year sleeping in the back of a Buick Rondevouz.  It has been thrown in my face on multiple occasions in obtaining work.  I have worked the last eight months to build a business.  I haven't received one bit of support from anyone out there.  Asked in the over sixty-thousand in damages that have been done and six-teen grand in medical I have had to pick up on my own before this mission act was passed, but nobody bothers.  People donate to the NRA, or to cure cancer, but you can't donate to a man being wronged in this fashion.


The abusive Doctor, finally, after writing multiple letters with no response I went to the White House.  Finally, since 90 days of notice for a response from the patient advocates office hadn't worked, the White House took over.  Within two week the Congressional part of the VA took over and called.  I submitted my audios of this doctor.  They investigated him.  Turned over a ton of staff at the local VA.  To date, lost my insurance, truck, so have had no transportation.  I have moved from plan A to B to C, and am just winging it.  I put out a ad and got this great sub contractor and now things are starting to move, but, I didn't accomplish the retail so Goldridge companies doesn't want to lease to me, not to mention, they suspect I have been living in this shopping center because nobody would rent to me.  Yeah, I could go back to the homeless shelter, but there I will be counseled by a 700 lbs tub of lard who will tell me about all the natural things like, hermaphrodites, homosexuals, transgenders, oh, and he will also in group explain how "Islam" is the religion of peace but I can't talk about "Jesus Christ".  This is their PTSD expert who will challenge my faith in light of all these things in the privacy of his office.


I recently wrote a cease and desist letter to the Leader Telegram and gave them two options, take down the article, or, post my service record.  I have begun digging dirt on every apartment that has illegally blocked my rent on a open case.  I am preparing to fire back on all the dirty details of their gains, lives, and start posting in a journalistic, and factual manner.  The reason, it's to make a point.  If you can do it to me, I can do it to you.  I don't know at what point it became acceptable for all this, but there used to be a time we took people as they were and how they are now not got on Google for our answers.  This actually came in under Democrat policies under the guise of knowing sexual predators, violent rapists, and now how is it being employed?  Should never have happened or been allowed.  I have known men, their past would surprise you, but, totally different, and yet, twenty years later, their past is thrown in their face.


Right now, this DA wants terrorist threats, a Felony, which, nobody will rent to me then.  I've spent seven out of ten years homeless.  Despite my wrong, I have put up with all this, rebounded and even though I should never have been working, I worked my tail off as long as I could on my spinal injuries to put the money together to get in here.  I have worked since and been decimated by the VA.  I still have not quit because I can be different.  I have lost years with my daughter, wrongly when her mother lied under oath at a injunction hearing.  Then I've suffered all the above.  I ask you, should a man pay before he is guilty, when he is guilty, after he is guilty or thru the whole process?  How much is to much and how little is not enough?  Who makes that determination?  I can even tell you, I have a video memory, from December 25th when the threats were issued to the time I wrote the letters I didn't even remember the snap or letters.  I can pull up conversations, word for word from ten years ago, but I couldn't remember them, and I can't remember the names of two men out of five that walked off a building one hot desert day in Iraq.  I have contacted attorneys to get this Doctor who was abusing me in his office sued and held accountable, his license removed, but, I am told, "Courts don't tend to award on emotional damages because they can't be quantified."  Well, how do you quantify the damage from threats?  What measuring stick was used in how to determine the sentence if guilty?  What's the quantifiable damage here besides fear?  Was there intent?  I can tell you "No", just anger and a desire for revenge.  Point is, if I can't sue for that reason, just because you get a police report and a law is on the book doesn't mean you destroy my life over some very understandable things, and this DA knows all those details.


Worse, if they can do it to me, they can do it to you.  The longer this goes on, the more they will do and eventually what is perfectly right will not be right and if you have any decency, morals, integrity, they will put the fruit loops over you and they will be in charge and your in for a treat.  I even went to court and took accountability, but that's not allowed either.  This judge, he's one of the few, "Out to make a Difference".  The Leader Telegram already poisoned the jury pool.  I am seeing if we can just do bench, but my first lawyer, liberal fat guy, took off with 2300 dollars wouldn't even update my address with the court, this lawyer that was finally appointed in all the financial damages by the VA, I'm just another case, she's a woman, has no interest in fighting for me and what's really here.  I imagine because many emails between a friend of mine, was a friend anyways, church friend I thought, talks about how I hate women.  I'm a human being, subject to error, I can be injured and generalize to, just like her and you.  I've found it's not all women, not all people, but the good ones are becoming few and far between.  This lawyer, politically correct, just like every other lawyer.  The DA, another woman, totally stuck on technicality.  I am stuck between Mrs.  Technicality and Mrs. Politically correct, my hope is if this has to go to trial I get to introduce Mr. Persuasion.


My point here people is, I served this country, I am just as much the victim and I am not allowed to find any intermediary.  When we get to the place where we can slap each other with anything we find easily and can't get out from our technology, this is a ugly society.  We condone baby murder, I could end abortion in two very summed up, reasonable, common sense, one minute total explanation.  But, nobody cares or listens, people believe what they want to believe.  The system is broke, totally weaponized and this is not just about me, they are using it to come for you if you have any faith, morals, or common sense.  Should I be destroyed for a unjust and unreasonable law on the books that never should have happened while women get off with emotionally and mentally raping me with my children?  This isn't just for dads it's for you ladies to.  Think men will respect you and protect you if your use of this system and rape of men in this fashion continues?   I recently told a office and VSO I am ashamed to serve this country or in any way be attached to it.  Why?  Because even decent people have become ugly and we do things no other society besides China does.  Also, my body was paying for a people that won't lift a finger to defend themselves.  We are to wrapped up in fear because doing what is right, well, now there are laws for even doing that so there is no resistance.


My only desire, now that I have found a very wonderful, normal culture that doesn't have government in family, the women's attitude make you love them, they are close knit and just the smallest kindest is spoiling them, is to leave this Country and revoke my citizenship.  If this DA slaps me with this and wins, then I get a Felony, more homelessness, more damages, three years probation.  I'm already for treatment, but even some of the treatments are weaponized and not what they claim to be.  I've been trying for years.  Ten years after my service I am still paying.  How much is enough?  How long is long enough?  I want my benefits, I want my treatment, then I wish to leave or, if people will just put out a little bit we can try this rally, and hopefully it works.  I personally am fighting with a desire to give up on you.  Your complacent, your to caught up in working not realizing the amount you work is because you have been raped financially and spiritually.


My single request of anyone that reads this is you contact this DA and put some heat on her to come down to something reasonable that won't result in me not starting over once I am done.  I meet a wonderful woman, I will have more children.  A wonderful people.  I want to get out of histories way.  My gut states, it's to late.  


I was willing to take accountability from day one.  Law or no law, I don't believe I should have done it, but I did snap.  That's huge for any person and the services were and have been broken a very long time.  I at least ask you to assist me in putting this crap where it belongs.  Bare minimum.  In five years, if I keep trying to work, I will be in a wheel chair.  I am losing my abilities every day, every year and it was for serving you.  If you agree with what I have said above, contact this woman.  Be nice, but make some statements.  I'm tired of being plastered the bad man.  My desire has been to fight, I have people and absolutely, one last time without any convention have us on our way to cleaning this up but it would be one more war we don't want.  My time is over, and I have paid, my daughter is not worth it.  My response out of sadness and pain and my anger and revenge, training, years of it, take it as you will.  I still choose to believe there are a number of you that have common sense, compassion and read this and say, this is wrong.

Here is the District Attorneys Office:


Andrea Nodolfe 

615 Stokke Pkwy # 1700,

Menomonie, WI 54751

Phone: (715) 232-1687

Case# 2018CF35







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