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13 New ComBloc Guns & Accessories For 2016

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ComBloc guns and gear were made following a straightforward philosophy—simplicity and rugged reliability were paramount. But that does not mean that there isn’t room for enhancing them with helpful gear and accessories. And there are also some unique products out there that deserve your attention.



Whether you want to add a unique gun to your collection, restore or build a classic Kalashnikov, or simply modernize and upgrade your trusty shooter, there is a product out there for you. Read on to see some of the more interesting options out there today.


Apex Gun Parts Yugo M70B1 Kit


If you are searching for hard-to-find AK parts, then Apex is the place for you. The company also caters to the growing interest in AK builds and sells complete parts kits with everything you need, minus the receiver, barrel and 922r parts. One interesting kit is for the Yugoslavian M70B1 in 7.62x39mm. The parts sets are military surplus manufactured in the mid-1980s in very good or excellent condition (your choice) with matching numbers and a wood stock. (apexgunparts.com; 719-481-2050)


ATI Mag Covers


Advanced Technology International offers AK Mag Covers, which are designed to protect your magazines against damage and keep your gun running. When dropped on a hard surface, any magazine can suffer damage that will render it unreliable or inoperative. ATI’s Mag Covers come in a pack of four and are made from a durable black rubber for all 7.62x39mm AK magazines. They also keep out dirt and moisture from your magazines and are easily removed. (atigunstocks.com; 800-925-2522)


BlackHawk Sportster Pivot Bipod


You may not often think of adding a bipod to an AK, but there are AK variants specifically designed with longer and heavier barrels for long-range and accurate shooting that can benefit greatly from a sturdy bipod. Designed to allow the shooter to stabilize the rifle on uneven surfaces, the BlackHawk Sportster Pivot Bipod allows the gun to swivel in place and attaches to any standard sling swivel. It features lightweight, rustproof construction with different heights available and telescoping legs with spring return. (blackhawk.com; 800-379-1732)


Blue Force Gear Standard AK Sling


Blue Force Gear’s Standard AK Sling was designed from the ground up to be simple, durable and economical. The Standard AK Sling can be instantly lengthened and shortened, with no sling tail to get caught, or any parts to break. It comes with a Molded Universal Wire Loop threaded onto the front of the sling. The rear of the sling features two tri-glides to attach to buttstocks, folding stocks, wire stocks or any other stock type. (blueforcegear.com; 877-430-2583).


Echo Nine Three Sling Mounts


Attaching a sling to an AK presents some issues and complications, especially with modern single-point and two-point slings with quick-detach features. Now E93 has an entire series of simple-to-use and even simpler to install sling adaptors that allow for the use of single-point and two-point tactical slings. The steel adaptors can be had in various models, including ones that are ambidextrous and some that use a QD swivel. All install simply between the AK’s pistol grip and receiver. (echo93.com)


Guntec USA AK Flash Cone


There are a lot of choices for AK muzzle devices, but none match the ingenuity of the AK Flash Cone from Guntec USA. This is a U.S.-made muzzle device for 922r compliance that’s made from durable 6061-T6 aluminum for weight reduction. In fact, despite its 3.35-inch length, it weighs only 4.6 ounces and will fit any standard AKM chambered in 5.56mm, 7.26x39mm or 5.45x39mm with a 14×1 left-hand thread pattern. (guntecusa.com; 480-478-4517)


Krebs Custom Mk VII Ambi Enhanced Safety


The Krebs Custom Mk VII Ambi Enhanced Safety features an extended lever at the rear so that a right-handed shooter can engage or disengage the safety with the trigger finger, while a left-handed shooter can use their thumb. This allows all shooters to keep their hands on the pistol grip while manipulating the safety lever. It is made from spring steel and offers simple drop-in installation. (krebscustom.com; 847-487-7776)


MarColMar Semi Uk vz 59 Package


The Warsaw Pact countries didn’t just rely on the AK of course, and for anyone looking for something truly out of the ordinary, you can now purchase a semi-automatic, belt-fed, 7.62x54R version of the Czech Uk vz 59. These guns are being manufactured by MarColMar and sold as the Semi Uk vz 59 Package. This light machine gun is still in use by Czech forces but rechambered in 7.62x51mm NATO. The MarColMar Semi Uk 59 Package includes the rifle, a 250-round can, a 50-round can, six ammunition belts and all the original tools and manuals. (marcolmarfirearms.com; 765-983-8200)


Midwest Industries AK Flash Hider/Impact Device


This attractive flash suppressor is made in the USA from 4140 steel and features a phosphate black finish. It is designed with horizontal slots along the sides that are angled at the front and rear, which reduces perceived recoil as well as muzzle flash. At the front there are subtle, sharp strike points that can be used as a standoff device or an impact weapon. The Flash Hider/Impact Device will fit all standard AKMs with a 14×1 left-hand thread pattern. (midwestindustriesinc.com; 262-896-6780)


Solar Tactical AK47 MFER


The Solar Tactical AK47 MFER (Magazine Funnel Enhanced Reload) makes it easier and faster to load magazines into your AK. This funnel, made from tough polymer and stainless steel, helps guide the magazine into place. It attaches to the front of the magazine well and the triggerguard, and it extends slightly below the receiver. It is a simple drop-in part for most AKMs but some models may require fitting. It will not, however, fit milled-receiver guns or work with drum magazines. (solartactical.com; 925-447-4743)


Solar Tactical F.A.S.T. Compensator


Solar Tactical’s F.A.S.T. (Field Adjustable Slot Technology) Series Compensator features a special notch that allows the user to easily install or remove the device using a cartridge case for leverage. The F.A.S.T. Compensator is designed with three vertical ports to drive gas upwards, reducing muzzle rise. It is made from heat-treated steel with a Melonite coating for corrosion resistance. The compensator is available in 7.62mm and 5.45mm versions, but it uses non-standard 24×1.5 right-hand threads. (solartactical.com; 925-447-4743)


TAPCO AK-74-Style Compensator


TAPCO always has new and innovative parts and accessories for a variety of rifles. Its AK-74-style compensator allows shooters to easily give their 7.62x39mm AK the look of a 5.45x39mm AK-74. It also offers the added benefit of reduced recoil. Made from steel with a manganese phosphate finish here in the U.S., it also adds to the parts count for 922r compliance. (tapco.com; 800-554-1445)


TROY AK47 Claymore Muzzle Brake


The AK47 Claymore Muzzle Brake from TROYis much more than a well-designed brake. Made from heat-treated ordnance steel and finished in black, the front of the Claymore features an aggressive jagged edge that can function as a standoff device or a breaching tool/glass breaker if needed. The advanced design of the brake almost completely eliminates dust signature while shooting from prone. It fits on 14x1mm LH threading. (worldoftroy.com; 866-788-6412)


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