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National Rally

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I am not from Alabama, but I am reaching out as a former veteran.  I am encouraging the leaders of the Militias to call me and agree to begin promoting a national event in which we all come together, bypass the propaganda, lies, confusion, and define the common thread, "The Red Line", legally.  Myself and many others can define for you exactly what is the case, what the red line was, and I believe when this is over there will be overwhelming support for a move to stop this dead in it's tracks.  In military terms this is about "Showing the Flag".  We will present the legal codes, what is actually the case and provide a common ground on which the American People, Militias, Veterans, Soldiers all can get behind and present a list of reasonable demands.  The motive, to send a message to Washington and the evil people that have taken over, and hopefully the spineless ones are on the first flight out in the face of millions of Americans in agreement.  I believe I have a plan that can straighten things out permanently we can all get behind, it's a bold move, but, if we do not come together now, then we will all be conquered individually.  


In light of the events in Oregon, ask some questions.  "Where are the police?", "Where are the judges and indictments?", "Where is the money coming from?"  How is this one group of several able to appear and disappear at will and in locations and places to do the horrible things they are doing.  I know I have answers that will surprise you but before you can deal with this national issue, then we must win hearts and minds, come together on common ground, under one flag and we must stand with one voice all together and say to these people, "No More!".  This is a cause like no other and there are basic laws and values that define every American and it is possible to come together on those grounds that bind us and send a shock wave.


This is not a militia issue, this is a American issue.  This notion we only deal with what is in our backyard is why we are loosing everything.  I would encourage you leaders to begin reaching out to other militias in other states and begin promoting this gathering of all Americans and I am willing to present the case by U.S. Code after six years of investigation, and many attempts and reports.  I am willing to present the empirical evidence and I know I can persuade everyone at this time to get behind this plan.  Any questions, call me.  Don't use social media, go back to what works, word of mouth, email, phone, friends neighbors.  Start opening a dialog with each other as we all need each other right now in unison and we must have common ground and "Just Cause".  God Bless!


Phone: (715) 896-6650

Direct: (&15) 514-7883

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