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The Common Thread (Just Cause)

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It was 2008, early, Iraq.  Five men speed to their destination in Northwest Baghdad.  Only five men.  This was not standard and under the cover of darkness.  As the sun rose and the cold of the desert wind rose across the desert, they arrive at a single building in the South East of a quiet town.  To quiet.  Five men entered that building, set up and they found the American weapons there that they were looking for.  It was to quiet.  There was nothing wrong, that was the problem.  Five men entered that building that day, only three came home.


I know one of those men.  If he had anything to say it is this, we had no businesses there.  The people in those countries choose their lives and they choose to live the way they do.  They never had interest in changing the course of their country, that was clear from the start.  It's very much like giving money to a alcoholic to fuel his need to buy more liquor but in this case and many others we gave American lives.  After seventeen years, I am certain we all know somebody who has lost someone or know someone who is still paying with their body and soul for the wars we have fought.  Those were pointless wars, but this land, this country, it's worth his life.


I will make a statement to you, it is this, "The Federal Government is Gone".  It was hijacked and dismantled long ago.  There are good people right now trying to salvage the systems, working over time, but it's simply to keep the life support going.  I was there in 2016 as Trump was elected to go into this system, and everybody pinned their hopes on this man.  However, he is not Jesus Christ.  He does have divine providence, but he is simply buying time.  Let me ask you a question, in light of the outright election theft in 2018, and with the planned theft of the election this next year to "Prevent the next Trump Situation", do you believe one man can fix all the problems?  Do you think he can get control of the un-elected government to which he was thrown in?  He has my utmost respect because he was willing to pay the price just to keep us going.  He is doing what a leader does, in the face of adversity and even knowing defeat is a certainty he is refusing to accept defeat.  He had everything, no reason to be up there, he was rich, had a beautiful wife, a lifetime of family and friends.  He could go anywhere he wanted when he wanted, but he chose to step up there to buy you and I a little more time.  This economy, yeah, it's doing good, he did what a leader does, he looked at the situation, realized he could tell the truth and let this bubble collapse and the destruction ensue, or, he could drive it higher and keep us going a little longer.  No leader in a fight looks at his men and states, "This is a loosing fight."  When he does that, it removes the drive and ambition of his men and the fight is lost before it even begins.


That being said, I wish to direct you to what our founding documents say about this situation we find ourselves in and this time in history they knew would come.  It is not the President, Congress, Senate, or Judicial Powers that fix the issue, it is the people.  The red line on which we should have united and must unite is this simple, when the elections were taken, you were raped of your right to choice of who governs.  By law, this is the installation of a fiat government over the elected government and thus a declaration of war on the people of America.  Furthermore, if you take the right to choice of who governs, then why should you or I conform to the laws that are written.  If you will steal a election, what is your intent?  What laws will you write?


This is why you continue to suffer emotional, mental and financial rape men.  They have been putting laws on the books that never were meant to be.  Twisting our systems to be used against us.  They removed the Gold standard long ago so the gap between rich and poor became higher.  They centralized the school system so they could teach adverse history and sexualize your children.  They have changed medicine that values life into medicine that kills.  They have propagated psychological warfare, propaganda, confusion.  Things that are wrong you slowly became accustomed to as they slowly desensitized you to those things.  This is what tyrants that would steal government do and they have been dismantling the government piece by piece, new law after new law.  Here is the best part, when you steel elections and you write legislation it is no longer valid.  You can not prosecute it legitimately because you can not validate it as the authentic will of the people.  You wind up with contradiction on contradiction, exorbitant prices in court, government in family weaponizing the children, demoralizing the men.  Unjust and unreasonable burdens.  You wind up with Judges using the powers they stole, because they were placed by these people passing laws and corrupting the foundations.  Why did they steal these elections and have been doing so a long time and working cooperatively, because they come to conquer.  This is not a state issue, this is a national issue and there is only one solution, you can continue to deny the evidence and truth, you can give up your lunch to this bully, or you can look this bully in the eyes and say "No".


People, this digital system is a trap.  Never should have been.  The internet was a trap to keep you typing and sedated.  Now you can google anyone and anything and find out about anyone you like and you don't even have to ask.  We don't read anymore and find out the facts for ourselves.  This was a weapon deployed and it's been effective.  Best yet, social media, we all bought that delusion.  I have been investigating this since 2012 and all the elements behind it.  There is a solution and I am being persistent because you have two choices, either you continue to say, "We are prepared to fight." and you will be, individually, not united and you will be removed just like that or you can come together and declare in one voice, "We will not go quietly!"


The red line legally was Title 18 U.S.C. Chapter 5, election theft.  This lead to Title 18 U.S.C. Chapter 2381 and 2384 being violated to which the penalty is death.  Title 5 U.S.C. Chapter 3331 has been violated by judges and elected officials, even federal agents and soldiers.  Why are they not being enforced?  Well, why are judges immune to lawsuits?  Why can't you submit a FOIA request on people in congress?  The answer is, they are removing any and all resistance and they continue because they know you will not come together and demand they remove themselves or pay the price.


This is why I have reached out because the solution is very clear.  It is a big idea, it is a essential idea.  It is what our forefathers did before they engaged the British.  They came together on common ground.  They acknowledged the problem.  They agreed to unite.  They sent up a letter to the King of England.  Why did they do this?  It creates fear of repercussion and gives opportunity for compromise and surrender before you begin a destructive war.  Just like they did, we must come together.  We must define this red line to every American and clarify the situation.  The first step is acknowledging a problem.  Then, when all are in agreement, every American that can be mustered a letter of demands must go up, reasonable demands.  A couple this man can think of is, those un-elected remove themselves and be on the first flights out.  Judges that are violating their oath must remove themselves from the bench, be disbarred and new judges put in.  A complete review of our laws and the compromised laws taken off the books.  Decentralization of the schools.  Limits and controls on vaccines.  Regulation of Psychology and a code of conduct established.  The department of justice dismantled and filled with chosen people.


Imagine a nation coming together in one common cause with clarity and "Just Cause" sending these to Washington, prepared to back it up.  I can tell you, the spineless would be on the first flights out.  Antifa would disappear.  There would be many people retreating and this might fix a big portion of the problem and give control back to the people by it's very nature.  More over you win over the enlisted out of the ranks of the Army, you win hearts and minds of people, and should any need be to back these demands up, then when you have the hearts and minds of people you have what you need to sustain the battle and win.  Yes, this is a liberation not a revolution.  That wall will have to be built and I know I have some great plans on how to use this to get it up and how to remove the people that don't belong here.  Once it's accomplished you can begin actually treating the mental illness these people have created with funding.  You can treat the children that are being sexualized right now so it does not wind up living on in them, they are the victims here.  But, lets look at moral cause, the murder of babies even babies that are born and alive now.  Who will defend them?  Can they speak?  This is the worse part and I for one would not blame God for departing us because we would not lift a finger to end the massacre.


I can end the abortion debate with just a few short sentences that absolutely come to a inevitable conclusion it's wrong.  I hope this is persuading you to begin the discussion and reaching out to friends, family, neighbors and creating a desire to put this brick wall of a united nation up to stop this for good.  If you can not reach the same conclusion after this that I and many others have, then take what money you have and find a nice quiet place out of the way as America falls, because united we stand, divided we fall and inaction is action.  Your choice.


God Bless this Fourth of July.

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