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Abortion - (Red Pill) Three Justification Ending Facts

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I will end the abortion debate here in this article, in all cases.  These answers are plainly, very indisputable and put to rest any confusion on the issue.  My devotion to the sciences was to improve the quality of life for people and I find that most confusion is the result of years of it being accepted, practiced resulting in desensitization or even the human beings coping mechanisms kicking in to create justification to allow one to continue functioning.  If you have no interest in the "Red Pill", then stop reading and move on.


First, since the beginning of time, people have been conceived, born, lived and died.  Now, whether you believe we have existed ten-thousand years or millions, let me give you the end all argument here.  America has 243 years of existence.  What does that compare to in 8000 years of life?  0.03% of human history.  Lets say Human history is 10,000 years, we have existed 0.024% of human history.  If you believe in evolution, that's millions of years, we don't even have a number that reflects something worth mentioning, but look out in the last 57 years we have become the deciders of when life begins and when it ends.  There are over 3 billion genes in DNA that operate in a very specific way at any given time to keep you alive, we can only explain 25,000 of them.  We can not explain 2,999,975,000 genes in DNA but we now have the right to determine when life begins and ends that has been going on since the beginning of time.  Are you a God now?  Am I a God now?  Is the Supreme court God?  Until you can tell me what holds the universe together, predict the future, be present in all places at all time, at the very least explain all 3 billion pairs of DNA, you have no authority to determine when life begins, ends and when it should be terminated.  This is known as the God complex.


"It's a woman's body, it's her choice."  Ladies, you know what happens when you get into bed with a man, your body creates life.  Your decision begins when you allow the man to inseminate you in the process.  Men, your choice begins when you choose to do so, thus your accountability begins.  Child support, government in family, this was taking the choices of people and using powers not granted to them to weaponize children against men by allowing emotional women to mentally, emotionally and financially rape men in court while give women all justification to the children even the right to terminate her pregnancy.  Fact is, if the man chooses not to be accountable, ladies, you made a bad choice.  Men, if the women are raping you using the system, you made a bad choice.  These choices and their consequences belong solely with the two involved in making the child.  I think the danger here is that each woman that uses the system to drudge a man thru the dirt and destroy him and does not hold her self accountable for the life she has been and always will be in charge of creating is it creates a resentment and ultimately, men, who are the protectors of women, the providers will eventually step out of the way and with no compunction allow you to fall victim to the evils out there, which, there are some evils coming your way that hate women just because you are a women.  Wrong enough people eventually it comes back on you.  That being said, you choice begins in bed, knowing full well what happens in the process, you are not ignorant its basic education and now it's perverted education.  Also, it is wrong a women can scream, "Sexual Rape" while walking off with mentally, emotionally and financially raping men daily.


What about rape and incest?  When I was in counseling I was told, "You must change your view on the trauma."  If I, being a human being and a woman being a human being must change view on trauma to respond correctly, perhaps a woman should change her view on the trauma.  If I killed anything and every semblance of those that have hurt me in my life, there would be bodies reaching to the heaven.  But, that's what women are doing, "I was raped, I am having a abortion because I would view it as a painful reminder of the event."  I am in no way attacking women or the pain of being wronged, but, very simply, in this life, bad things happen to good people and in this case life is the result.  Perhaps, just like I must change my view, you should change yours and instead of killing the victim, in this case, the baby, you should change your view.  That baby could be someone that makes you proud, carry a cure for some rare disease, maybe, if you allow that child to grow and treat that child as the victim of the wrong, that child could be a healing not a wound, maybe, just maybe a blessing not a curse.  Put the blame on the man that did the wrong, don't murder the victim.


This settles all debates and all arguments across the board.  However, people have a amazing ability to continue to believe what they wish to believe even in the face of debate ending statements and persuasion.  Ladies, think about these two statements and the questions.  If you have any common sense and decency, you know them to be true.  

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