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The Ugly Truth about the American Condition

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I've been writing here and other places about the American condition.  I've spoken with many veterans of Vietnam, Korea, OEF, OIF, I'm right down the block from a recruitment center, and across the street is a pre-basic training barracks.  I've passed out DVD's of information to them, online, via email, word of mouth, phone.  I am pleased to say the responses and support have been great.  It amazes me how many Americans are broke financially but yet the economy is doing well I guess.  Apparently it's not where it should be yet.  You got mothers working two jobs, fathers working their tails off being raped mentally, emotionally, financially by a government involved in family matters.


I want to point out here how ugly we have become as a society.  It was 0345 in the morning, June 25th and the new tech I brought on to help facilitate bringing in money with contracts from Techlink I have been unable to perform, because as the VA and all it's systems have walked over federal guidelines rendering me nearly sixty thousand in debt, I lost my insurance, truck.  I've been homeless since Iraq 2008 seven out of ten years.  He approached me and states, "I googled your name.  You have a colorful history.  If my wife knew she would demand I cut ties with you.  I just want to know, is the old man gone?"  I replied, "The old man is never gone.  I strive daily to deal with him and I am trying to get the treatment I needed nearly ten years ago, but, because the VA won't perform it's function and services are broken, I have not had a consistent check, my disabilities recognized, and our justice system broke."  This was the first time someone actually looked me up, saw the three issues I've had since Iraq and actually asked me about the facts.


I selected him because of his work for Campus Crusade for Christ and as a Christian that want's to do right by God, loving Jesus I was blessed by his attitude.  We did three contract jobs which helped, but not enough.  On Sunday this week he writes me and states, "I got a great job offer from a small company doing php work.  I'm sorry I just couldn't pass it up."  Since my cut in pay began in January I have gone to every 501c3 organization to attempt to get help obtaining a vehicle.  The VA did a inappropriate evaluation last year with no interest in finding out the facts, and VA policy is until a medical dispute is completed and finalized, they don't cut pay.  But, despite the fact the evaluation was appealed and in dispute they cut the pay anyways.  I busted hump for this man to bless him, I will be obtaining gas cards I was going to give to him.  The pay on each job was great and more money then this company is paying him.  So, what was the real reason?  Anybody can Google someone and without knowing the facts, render judgment.


The worse part is, we got places like Hope Gospel Mission, that has cars donated but wont give to a veteran simply trying to work to dig his way out and has had to create his own work to survive.  You know, it is illegal to deny rent to someone based on a open case, but they are doing it, and they verbally say so even to a targeted case manager, a veteran from the Center for Independent Living that is a social worker.  I have been rendered homeless almost a entire year now.  Went from state parks, working at SEARS on my spine that has a disease not degeneration, in pain I hope none of you have to suffer putting the money together to get into this place.  The VA won't work, all the services are designed to keep you on the system that you can't rely on, they can't even get me housing.  All I have is the work I have procured and because the VA can walk over it's own rules any time they wish, causing me to loose my insurance, the truck I borrowed on in order to achieve that 620 credit score so I could get a VA home loan and never have anyone deny me housing again, now leaving me 60 thousand in debt.  I have fought a entire year to recover from all this damage, repeatedly by the VA, to which I have a tort claim in, simply by working.


I went to Hope Gospel Mission, they cited rules.  They give cars to people that complete their program who have been on drugs and alcohol and recover thru their program.  I guess I am supposed to loose everything, go into despair, turn to drugs and alcohol with no hope to get a basic vehicle to start all over again.  See the problem?  He did, but his reason was good and he can't work with me on a vehicle tell August.  The VA has programs that give rent assistance but somebody needs to rent to me and not deny me on a open case and actually obey the law, I am innocent tell proven guilty.  There are programs that could fix the problem, but there are waiting lists and rules and guidelines.  Advancing hope is the worse.  The bank will deny me a loan because of my credit now as a result of the VA breaking guidelines.  The attitude and reasoning of advancing hope states quite a bit, they claim to help people, I have the means to pay back the 1000.00 clearly, but he deletes the evidence, cites rules and program guidelines and purely the report and judgment issues by their evaluation guy for their program was composed of a judgment on a open case, my credit which is what a bank does, and while they have the ability to assist me and their is a vehicle right now, doesn't matter.  Guy calls the VSO, doesn't investigate the facts behind my situation.  They will help any old person that probably created their situation, but the way I was spoken to on recording and attitude tells me all I need to know.  My opinion is purely, they googled me, I have a open case, and if they are helping on credit and debt basis, which is what was used then what is the point?  People that need help have bad credit.  So, its a sham, he wouldn't even look at the facts, the work orders already done, I just lost one contract that would have been another 150 and I'd knock out the repayment first thing.  The fact I have survived so long is because I am incredibly good with money.  If the VA can walk over rules when every they choose think some of these 501c3 foundations could bend some rules for a man that is working under a condition he shouldn't be, served this nation, has been wronged by the VA, maybe examine the facts instead of googling me and passing judgment on a publishers article.  Totally a domestic issue over my daughter and law that shouldn't be on the books.


In short, I am going to become a statistic here very soon because all I get is rule, policies, regulations, the system is swamped, broken and then we have wonderful people that pass judgment, violate law openly, and have no decency or respect for a veteran that has the balls and fortitude to continue to work under his injuries to dig out of a situation he has not created and they receive donations and all sorts of tax deductions but won't help me, willing to work, solid in character.  So I am putting this out there, my opinion is Advancing Hope in Eau Claire, Wisconsin is not what they claim to be, neither do they have the character or willingness to assist the ones that should receive the help.  I have the audio, the way he spoke and acted, very clear, other motives then claimed and I believe it is my open case.  Main guy is Kenneth Rip.  If you need help, don't bother with these people.  They used their influence to advertise with various people in the VA system, charitable organizations but there is many red flags.


I'll tell you about the homeless shelter in Chippewa Falls.  The supposed PTSD counselor will privately, in his office challenge my Christian beliefs on homosexuality, hermaphrodites, masturbation, transgenders.  He will in group back Islam as the religion of peace but I can't speak about Jesus Christ.  This is the crap the VA gives us.  They house men that absolutely have no interest in leaving because it's a flat three hundred dollars, some basic chores, beds, great food, and once in a while they might pump out people to keep the view they are successful to keep the funding going.  The RRTP program in Tomah, Wisconsin is using image exposure therapy to desensitize veterans to trauma.  This involves exposing them to traumatic images like killing, death, war, and after a period of time you have no problem with these, they are a part of life.  Do you know what that really does?  It removes the feelings of remorse and pain over killing, death, tragedy and sure, it reduces PTSD symptoms but now you have veterans that have no problem at all with killing and without those feelings, it's easy to act and commit those actions.  I prefer to keep my feelings, thank you.  Also, if you are going to expose veterans to these images, who is the therapist? what are his morals and values? what is his intent?   Exactly who is the person over seeing this program?  Even if these are good people, just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.


When we get to the place where we Google someone and find dirt, pass judgment on everything we read without examining the facts, we have become a incredibly ugly society.  I have been pushing this national meeting because it's the only way we correct these issue together in unison.  In the military we worked as a team to win.  In the real world, the people fix the problems, government creates more problems and funds these people or gives them tax breaks to keep their control and have leverage,  I have been in technology twenty-five years, I worked with classified information systems, I have been involved in investigating the things happening around us.  I make it a point to understand all the pieces and players and I can tell you, unless we come together and define the red line and in unity say "No More" then this house of cards will collapse.  At best, you might have another four years left then the fruit loops are taking over and they are united and many of them are responsible for the bad people in the VA, creating all these rules, policies, programs designed with so much red tape they are ineffective and we are being held hostage by political correctness, and busy throwing dirt in peoples lives that stays on record forever even after a person has rebounded and changed their course, life, responses.


Lets get with the program,  I'll be a statistic soon but I am making sure everything is documented so there is no mistake on the wrongs, those that committed them, who I am, what I stand for, all the efforts, my character and I am guaranteeing there will be some justice after I am gone.  I've pushed this national meeting, come together and make it happen and quit being divided.  This is not any one mans issue, it is everyone's problem.  If they can do it to me, they will do it to you.  God Bless.

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