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     In this day and age in America it is harder to spot people who are opposed to Constitutional freedoms in our various political spheres, seeing as how Socialism, Communism, Fascism and other forms of totalitarianism are overlain with a series of thin veneers of what appears to be Patriotic or otherwise acceptable doctrines/programs.

     It is also true that while intelligence agencies are necessary for the halting of foreign, hostile agents and passive, domestic insurgents who are opposed to what the Constitution ruly means, it is a sad fact that thanks largely, most recently, to politicians (in practical application an insurgent) like Barack Obama, the face of truth has accomplished a 180° turn.

     Police informants and even the intelligence agencies' have, at the very least, sub-elements within their informant and confidant base, as well as within commissioned ranks, which, perhaps, in some cases, unknowingly via being deceived, which advocate and promote policies and protocols which are the antithesis of the very core values of American Constitutionality: freedom of thought, expression and choice.

     As 'Common Sense Revisited' states, the document called 'The Constitution of the United States of America' creates no rights whatsoever: It simply states and guarantees those rights which are naturally inherent within each and every human being on the planet.

     The right to think, express and choose have been extant since before creation, an integral part of the personality and thought process of the Almighty, who exemplified His will for man to choose, and in fact commanded man to exercise that right, in Genesis 2:16, also adding ethical/moral restraints in verse 17. Chapter 1, verses 26, 28-30 is a basis for, or root of, freedom of expression.

     Again, freedom is created and ordained by the Maker Himself. Who is man to say otherwise?

     Whether one calls Him God, or some higher power, is an individual choice, but there is rather blatant proof that a Supreme Being created freedom and ordered it, as explicit proof exist that the Bible was divinely inspired, thereby meaning that man cannot triumph against freedom and liberty (Luke 4:18, II Corinthians 3:17, Galatians 2:4).

     This proof is found in two places. Firstly in Genesis 1:3, which is light that was created before the sun was made (Genesis 1:16). What elevates this into proof is the scientific discovery that there was indeed light, well before the sun, moon or stars were formed (ref. this by looking up 'scientific evidence of light before the sun existed' or such).

     What solidly anchors this into, by my estimation, irrefutible proof of a Supreme Being, is this: we know that the Bible's Old Testament was originally written thousands of years ago. Since the fact that light existed well before planets was only recently discovered, how did the writer of Genesis know about that?

     Thus, no man, or group of humans, has the right, power, or just inspiration to deprive others of freedom and liberty, which is granted to all, regardless of what they believe in (Matthew 5:45).

     All of this said, there are two protocols which are not only key in determining everything from individual to national to world outcomes, which are carried out by direct human action: good or bad.

     Humans have become extremely crafty and deceptive (Ezekiel 28:3, 21:21,23) often orchestrating very injurious modes of operation during daily, or occasional, face to face encounters.

     There has been much abuse of disguise techniques, by both sides of the law, for some time now, mixed in with misuse of other human, psychological and spiritual factors, aiding in the degredation of citizens and robbing of liberty and well being, granting undue power to tyrannical-minded people.

     Here is an article I ran into a few years ago which, whether or not the subject of the article died or not doesn't  matter for this purpose, is an excellent guide for identifying people who are disguised, particularly useful for those who do not use prostetics. I believe that most do not:




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