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     Here is a link to an informational video site I ran across a number of years ago. It documents many behind the scenes activities of politicians, corporations and others, revealing at least the means to discern truths about what is really occurring and whyhttps://www.brasscheck.com/video/:

     It is rather ironic that anything even hinting, much less plainly stating, of what is labelled as conspiracy theory, is totally debunked or mocked, by government personnel and an alarming number of citizens whom are in the dark.

     The government commonly nails people all the time for conspiracy of one type or another, of murder, intent to harm, entrapment, frame jobs, etc. Yet they demonize conspiracy theories, no matter how well grounded in fact they are.

      In 1994, in Colorado Springs, a sizeable sub-group of FBI Agent Neil Hoener's proxy's (Blackjack's) (Blackjack was actually CIA, assigned to the FBI, and was very Constitutional) informants, devised a plan and tactics (a conspiracy) to frame him. I happened upon it, being told by an informant, and investigated, then submitted my findings to Blackjack. It was then successfully thwarted.

     I went years thinking that it was a somewhat isolated incident, though that very type of event, directed at me by informants and crooked officials, was what compelled me to initially contact the FBI to begin with.

     But a few years ago, on an interview on WOWO Radio between Glenn Beck and a Secret Service agent, the agent, who if I remember right, was assigned as part of the detail to guard Hillary Clinton when Bill was President, told of scores of informants and others who had conspired to manipulate some sort of event or outcome of something (I can't  recall details).

     That made it abundantly clear to me that conspiracies are not only commonplace, but are indeed noted by others as well. The Colorado Springs FBI, at least Blackjack, Hoener and a few others, have extensively documented a large conspiracy by informants and officials in Wabash County, extending far beyond county and even state borders.

     For years it seemed that the dilemma in Wabash County was quenched, but it was really merely put into limbo, and sprang back up.

     In simplistic terms, a group of people planning a surprise birthday party for someone, arranging hidden parking, carpools, making food, manipulating timing of the recipient's  arrival, etc., is a conspiracy, though for good. Same way for a bad conspiracy.

     Conspiracy is defined as "the act of conspiring together" and "an agreement among conspirators". The definition of conspire is "to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or to use such means to accomplish a LAWFUL end"; well now! Anther meaning for conspire is "to act in harmony". Imagine that.

     So we see that conspiracies exist of both good and bad, and always have. The builders of the Tower of Babel were involved in a conspiracy covering both meanings, for example. Yet many demonize the idea of it's  theory or, in other words, a way of explaining something in a comprehensible way.

     Granted, the motive behind any given act or series of same may be up to questionable scrutiny, as good intentions are often carried out by well meaning but deceived people, but the facts become visible.

     The very fact that R.I.C.O. laws exist are an acknowledgement by government that conspiracies exist.

     And not only, but an intellectual analysis of quotes by many notables, on sites such as 'liberty-tree.ca', reveals that dating well back in time, substantial numbers of people, including our Founding Fathers, were well aware of conspiracies, the propensity of humans to orchestrate and engage in them, and the potential for America to become tyrannical.


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