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I DESPISE  this  Schiff. A slippery  bastard. Democrats   are  heading for DOOM  if they persist  in attacking America's  Founders, America's  laws, HER  Constitution!!!  The time for timid behavior has LONG SINCE elapsed;  pretty please  doesn't WORK.. Dragging  our enemies  carcasses  to an awaiting  rail car  IS  IN VOGUE NOW!!!!

This  "  petition "  is a classic  example of  WORTHLESS ENERGY  expended;  A better  petition  drive would be in the manner of a an Executive  Order  arresting   DISLOYAL   "  public servants "  who have VIOLATED their oath of office... THAT'S  A PETITION DRIVE  with teeth!!!!!!  Our Liberty Teeth  is comprised of WEAPONS, our MINDS, TACTICS, OUR LAWS  all can be looked upon as WEAPONS. We gotta  USE  our  WEAPONS  NOW  and stop   with  the Tea Time  BULLSHIT. Communists  have  been conducting CONSTANT  warfare  against America  for 150  years and  we are  treating  it as a minor  mosquito bit!!!!!  WTF???  POTUS   needs to step up the  PLAN  ........ George  Soros and other  trouble makers  of his  kind  need to be  TAKEN   DOWN   hard and fast without mercy.  That's  the reality  we find ourselves this AM.     

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So they'll do an investigation,  then what ? Nothing , the socialist wont get anything,  she'll walk like Comey, Brennan, and their ilk. No political piece of shit gets jailed , I want to them punished for everything they've done , their nothing but traitors, liars and hypocrites.  Send that bitch back to Somalia . She's a hate monger radical socialist pig !

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