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Mike Dag

Antifa Infiltrators sitting in Congress

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America  does NOT  need  enemy  combatants from Somalia  masquerading  as  "  representatives "   as is  Illhan Omar;  this  sad excuse for  a human  fu****g  being must be removed   from the Congressional rolls as  should her 3  cohorts.POTUS  was  absolutely correct in  stating  that  America's  enemies  have NO PLACE  in our homeland and if they persist  in remaining, there are a myriad  of   '  methods '  for removing  these  treacherous  bitches.  The above example of EXPEDITED ENEMY REMOVAL  is my favorite choice of saying... "  Buh Bye " Leftist Governors, Mayors, Anyone who  continues to   attack  our POTUS  without cause  needs to PACK their bags  and  GET THE F****  OFF  US SOIL... before the SOIL  gets placed ON TOP OF THEIR SORRY ASSES. I'm out.

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