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I am old enough  to remember  Operation Phoenix implemented  in Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia; It targeted  the infrastructure of  Viet Cong strategists, cut the head off the snake and the snake DIES to sum it up. Well,  this  method is as old as   time itself  and  IT WORKED  extremely well  in Southeast Asia, ask any  survivor of Phoenix... if you are able to  still find  one.! If POTUS   and his Q cleared team are to WIN this  war  of hearts n   minds, certain criteria  need to be put into motion QUICKLY:   I recently Re-read  the book TWILIGHT WARRIORS; many of  the men  cited  in this excellent book are with  us still...working. There  was a particular  strategy  implemented  dubbed F3  (  find, fix, finish, Re-aquire.)  This  WARFARE  model can be used against  the ANTIFA  bozos with  LETHAL  efficiency, think  Tiananmen Square  on steroids, military  Aikido. We need to put these  bastards  in a deep hole and fill it.  As  Dr. Gary North once said, "  Ideas carry consequences, BAD IDEAS carry the gravest ", The  ideas espoused by  such  brain  trusts as Illhan Omar, Occasional Cortex Cortez, Maxinne Waters are  DANGEROUS , erasing our AMERICAN HISTORY  is  EVIL and those responsible for  allowing these trends to occur  need to be  TAKEN and dealt with  HARSHLY.      I'm done.

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