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Freedom of the press abridged. (Abridge: curtail- to limit, restrict, or stop something before it is finished.

Many U.S. courts of appeals stated filming police/officials is supported by the first amendment and no federal or state law can override this right to the people. 

Here is the video: click

 And this video you will see and hear the cops ask me for my ID they never ask me my name. Kentucky does have a failure to identify law. But only ur name is required. Only time u are required to show I.D. (Stop and arrest states) is when u have had been arrested. In the letter I was sent by the judge it states the troopers we're trying to determine the circumstances of my actions. That tells you right there they were fishing for a reason. I like the part where it says I posted a security and safety risk. But yet I told the police that I had no ill will and no I'll intent, I was not armed and had no weapons on me, also offered we keep our distance. 

When I had went to court, I stated not guilty. During my preliminary hearing the judge and the cops lied under oath. Then the trial which I was not present at, the judge sent me a letter stating that he had found me guilty which is fraudulent according to the Constitution. I had mailed the judicial conduct Commission and they sent me a letter back stating that they had reviewed my complaint and decided to take no action. This is misconduct considering that the JCC was supposed to investigate this as well. There was no investigation launched on this as I stated in the letter that they had sent me but it is in their policy to review and investigate complaints. I have wrote The JCC back tell them they either they can do their jobs right or I will have the u.s. marshals come and pick them up. They have sent me a letter back as a reconsideration and I'm yet to hear word back from them. After I was sentenced for Criminal Trespass 3rd degree for being on public property that was open to the public which is fraudulent considering in Kentucky you cannot be charged Criminal Trespass on public property unless you have entered into a non-public forum which is also known as an unauthorized area or a restricted area in which I had not. Looking at the letter in my evidence the judge had committed perjury, forgery of a legal document, falsification of a legal document, and misconduct. The letter was written out to make me look like a terrorist so now my name is probably in the fusion Center on the terrorist watch list.  here is the video of the perjury, forgery, falsifying document and misconduct.. Click

 the arresting officer try to delete public record while hiding behind my back put me in between the KSP Post 6 camera and himself. he threaten me with a Taser after I was in handcuffs and in the back of the cruiser. he would laugh at the Constitution each time I would announce my rights to be there. He hit me with the door of the cruiser. He also searched and seized the automobile I was driving without probable cause, warrant, or consent. And had it towed. During court I asked him what his probable cause was to search and seize. His answer, "it was in the parking lot."


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