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     I've  seen in a documentary that during WW II, prostitutes lent their services to whatever entity offered them the best deal, and now is no different.

     After researching, observing, investigating and experimenting, since 2015, some of the various dating sites, both normal and adult, I found protocols and tactics which I believe are not conducive to Liberty.

     Many involved in those are connected with police and/or the DOJ, gathering data and manipulating people.

     A substantial number of people in America either do not value the Constitution or believe that resisting tyranny is futile, and thus have turned to mere financial survival, under whatever "flag" suits them.

     As I've  often stated, there are many fine people in our government, but the number of truly Patriotic ones is rapidly shrinking; they pledge allegiance to their respective entities and careers, rather than America's foundation.

     When I was commissioned by the FBI, I did have substantial authority, but none to arrest, nor much investigative authority as far as checking confidential records like full bore feds can. My main authority was in the area of self defense on a threat or to save others. But my pull was about as much as any other fed.

     To sum it up and make the point, I was constricted to primarily an observing status most of the time. It was very frustrating at times, but I learned that in such a situation, one can devise tactics by which to find out as much as, if not more than, what even the most authorized agent can discover.

     The key is found in a scientific principle: to every action is an equal and opposite reaction. Watch people, discern their reactions, no matter how subtle, to events, questions, statements, circumstances, etc. Even a seemingly non-reaction is a clue.

     One important hint is that, as a whole, there are two big differences between the FBI and CIA, usually, traditionally: the FBI is like the legalistic elements of the Christians, while the CIA is often more like the "grace-means-anything-goes" crowd.

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