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     According to the news, England's leader has criticized President Trump for putting pressure on Iran over the nuclear situation, which past President Obama so bountifully bolstered, with Americans' tax money, so now those psychotically religious tyrants can build enough nukes to blow the United States and Israel into sand, which they've  stated they intend to do.

     According to England's leader, Trump is causing Iran's aggressive behavior by pressuring them. If I remember clearly, whenever a teacher or the principal bore down on any of us for misbehaving, we generally straightened up.

     I seem to recall that just prior to World War Two, England's Lord Chamberlain thought about the same way about Hitler, having meetings with him and exercising no boldness, shrinking during meetings with him.

     Chamberlain didn't  decide it was time to war against Germany, once the war had started, until it was critical.

     I don't  agree with everything that Donald Trump does and says, but all in all, I'm  glad to have a President who doesn't  play politics, says what he means and means what he says, and above all, is for the people and against tyrants.

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     Yeah, and I can see the U.N. trying to say that we illegally founded America, and have to give it back to England.

     I wonder if they aren't  behind some of the banking schemes to control and subdue America. Agents from the bank of England are said to have attempted to assassinate then President Andrew Jackson, who was against central banking; Secretary of Treasury? Chase slipped that charter thru, kind of fooling Jackson. Now look at it, trying to ruin us from within.

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