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New Beretta 92X Family Delivers Full Size, Centurion, Compact Variants

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Beretta 92X Centurion mid-size pistol Beretta 92X Compact pistol Beretta 92X Full Size pistol

Beretta recently announced the launch of a new line of 90 series pistols, the 92X Family. Beretta created the 92X family to evolve the popular 90 series to fit the needs of today’s shooters.

Beretta 92X Family

The 92X comes as the latest addition to the 90 series pistol platform, which enjoys 50 years of refinement, testing and military usage. As the official sidearm of the U.S. military for more than 30 years, numbers variants of the 90 series ultimately met military, law enforcement and civilian needs. Variants include the M9A1, 92G-SD, 92 Vertec, 92FS Compact, 92G Elite LTT and M9A3 models.

Combining advanced ergonomics, full backwards compatibility with railed 90 series accessories, and the established reliability and accuracy of the 90 series, the 92X family delivers uncompromising performance, according to Beretta. It excels in both competitive, dynamic shooting or defensive purposes in Full Size, Centurion (mid-size) and Compact configurations.

“Beretta USA is proud to introduce the new 92X family. This new line of pistols add to the long and rich heritage of the 90 series line. The new 92x family is a true combat-proven, modern classic,” said Erik Stern, Tactical and Pro Shop Product Manager.

The 92X family of pistols feature a standard Vertec profile frame with new wraparound grips. Those grips give shooters more options for customization out of the box. The series also becomes the first Beretta line of 90 series guns to offer standard dovetailed front sights across all three pistols.

Combined with combat sights, enhanced fire control, and an extended magazine release, the resulting pistol aims for top performance. This new family of pistols also feature newly redesigned, highly textured grip panels and wraparounds with enhanced ergonomics. Meanwhile, a custom variable density texture provides aggressive texture on the necessary surfaces of the grip.

Competition Variant

Debuted at the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Indianapolis, IN, the Beretta 92X Performance utilizes one of the most reliable and world-renowned operating systems. Combined with the technical advantages of its Vertec steel frame and a heavier Brigadier profile slide, you get a pistol specifically designed for power, speed, and accuracy.

To enable an even faster cycle time, the Beretta 92X Performance has a skeletonized hammer with a competition standard hammer spring. The new Extreme-S trigger mechanism decreases trigger reset by up to 40%. However, the trigger maintains Beretta safety features, ensuring the safety of the pistol in case it falls.

The 92X Performance is expected to be available in October and retails for an MSRP of $1,399. Meanwhile, the 92X Full Size is available now, while the Compact and Centurion models ship beginning late summer or early fall. The 92X Full Size, Compact and Centurion retail for $899.

For more information, visit beretta.com.

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