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Swamp Fox

Cadillac, MI Michigan Civil Defense Force

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Michigan Civil Defense Force


Cadillac, Michigan and surrounding areas.


We are people just like you and your neighbors. Veterans, blue collar workers, we are the elderly, middle aged and the young. We are people that care about the safety, welfare and freedom of our families and community.


We are a civil defense group that is 100% in support of the defense of the constitution of Michigan and the United States. If allowed to we will support local communities in all areas a good citizen would volunteer for. All U.S. citizens are allowed to join as long as they are of good moral character and values. We will be based in Wexford and surrounding counties. We will expand as necessary. General membership in the militia is open to all lawful citizens of a state, ages 16(parent consent) and up. There shall be no discrimination due to race, sex, national origin or physical characteristics or previous history.


How will we train? Hands on! We will train in a classroom and on private and public land in the field. Training sessions at a minimum will be once a month on a Saturday. Occasionally training will be extended to Saturday overnight and will end on Sunday at noon. Supplemental/other training will be scheduled on a weekday for several hours a couple times a month. Subjects that we will train for are leadership, infantry, scouts, snipers, communication, tactical medicine and logistics.


This is not a inclusive list of training. Training will consist of the topics named above plus more. Other training will be civilian in nature like law enforcement techniques such as conducting a frisk search and applying hand restraints on a prisoner/detainee, transportation techniques, homesteading and home preparedness topics and other medical skills.


Training listed should not be considered a complete list. Other topics can be considered and evaluated to be relevant to mission success. Most important is that our training will be based on established doctrine. Meaning we will train to the exact same requirements that our military trains to or a civilian equivalent. We may not succeed at those goals all the time but we will try and then try again.


If your interested then message me at https://www.facebook.com/SwampFox1776 or email francis.marion@yahoo.com and I will reply ASAP. I will have questions for you as part of the application process.  Thank you,


Swamp Fox





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We are growing.  Come join us.  I have no intent of stealing other militia members but if you are unhappy or your unit is ate the F up then come to our training sessions.  Our curriculum is Army manuals and standard.  Will we meet that standard every time?  No, but we will try again.

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