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Evidence of Ilhan Omar Citizenship Fraud?

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Mis-informed or bad source. Tho there are a lot of other biolographs with different D.O.B's for Ilhan Omar. Some say 1981 while others say 1982. It is well over one which state both. Either way, the act was not established until 2001. I do find it interesting that she is from Kenya, samolia, and Palistine. Kind odd.  Kenya is the same place Obumer is from. It has been rumoured that Obama was in trade deals with Kenya by selling/trading weapons there. I mean, that Infiltrator did fund ISIL ( AKA: ISIS). He admitted that on national television. ISIS and ISIL are the same people. They just split off into two groups when Muhammad didn't leave a predecessor to either one of his 2 sons. They warred against each other for predecessor rights. Both sides are radical. This is factual research from studying from a biblical stand point. Obama did try to go a third term. He did nothing for this country but tare it down. Now he has his same people In our Congress. I have noticed that everything that is being done has been carefully planned and these things are slowly coming into play and set up. In fact, if one can not see it, it will never be known until it is too late. Very sneakily. 



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Ilhan Omar (or whatever her REAL name is) is Somali.  I am from MN and have never heard or read anything where she claims to be from Kenya or Palestine.  Regardless I firmly believe she overtly violates her oath of office daily and is guilty of multiple felonies.  She seriously deserves to be federally prosecuted after she looses her seat in the House.  Immigration charges, tax fraud, campaign finance violations, and supporting an enemy of the USA on the battlefield just for starters.


ISIS which was ISIL started as Al Qaeda which itself was not a real organization until 9/11.  They reportedly didn't even have a name for their organization.  They were named Al Qaeda by the press here in the USA.  It was a bait and switch by the Obama White House.  They renamed them ISIL and then ISIS while declaring he had defeated Al Qaeda.  It has been documented by US servicemen on the ground that WE were supplying ISIS with weapons.  Our transport aircraft was sent up to (as they were told) drop supplies to Iraqi troops fighting the advancing ISIS push into Iraq.  But the drop zones were located far behind ISIS lines.  When our people figured that out they started sabotaging the supply drops anyway they could.  Sometimes with misdrops short of their target areas, dropping the supplies on Iraqi and Kurdish positions.  I have heard that when our troops pulled out of Iraq they thought it was suspicious that they were depoting the vehicles and equipment being left behind in the Iraqi western desert region.  Not long after that ISIL magically spawned in Eastern Syria and western Iraq.  They then did their MASSIVE miles long convoy straight to the depots which were manned by only small handfuls of Iraqi troops.  Everyone seen that convoy on TV and was screaming for airstrikes by US aircraft against it but we were told we couldn't even though I have no doubt the Iraqis were begging for that.  Obama let them capture those depots and then did supply drops to supply ammo for what they captured.  When our people started sabotaging the drops they opened up the supply routes thru Turkey who was also supplying and training ISIS.  It took the Russians and Iranians to break their back.  Asad should step down and rumor has it he has promised the Russians he will once the country is secured all the different western spawned groups that sprang up.  And if he doesn't I have a feeling he will wake up with AK-74 barrels pointed in his face by people wearing Russian camo uniforms and wearing bacalavas.

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