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DANGER: Congress Sprinting Toward a Red Flag Law

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People have got to realize that you can't compromise with the left. You're getting into dangerous territory when you do that. They're never going to be satisfied; they're never going to be happy. It's just not who they are. They're not happy people. It's all about America not being a 'just' country in their minds. They want to transform the greatest country on earth, they want to fundamentally change it and it's done one step at a time.

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The left doesn't compromise.  We have two totally different world views.  We live in two different realities.  It's like trying tell a schizophrenic that the spiders they see on their skin don't exist.  Not to leave out the fact that most of the things that divide right and left in our nation are not grey issues.  There are certain matters where compromise is improbable if not impossible.  I can't compromise on the Constitution.  I cannot compromise on abortion.  I can't compromise on reparations.  I can't compromise with a communist. There is no middle ground on many of the issues that divide us.  I can't stand back and say that it is okay to pump hormones into a 4 year old or that it's okay to allow minors to be exploited in clubs or libraries in our communities.  The polarization is so extreme due to incompatible world views that we are stuck with some stark realities to consider.


1.  You cannot compromise with the radical left 

2.  The left is growing increasingly intolerant and violent

3.  Time and demographics are on their side

4.  Voting isn't solving the problem 

5.  They are exploiting/harming the weak and the young


How do you compromise or work with these types of people?  What virtue is there to be found in doing so?  


WEOHF - When every option has failed.  That is what we are approaching.  The question is what will we do when this point in time arrives and what follows when the dust settles?  I firmly believe that the left is pushing to see if/how the right will act.  I believe they are ramping up the violence and rhetoric to prove that the right will just roll over and take it. 


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Posted (edited)

The Rino's are showing their true colors...


Rep. Mike Turner (R- OH)

"I will support legislation that prevents the sale of military-style weapons to civilians, a magazine limit, and red-flag legislation," he said. "The carnage these military-style weapons are able to produce when available to the wrong people is intolerable."



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