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I don't know the lay of the land with people but as a experienced combat veteran, former signal core of engineers, now that I am hearing Trump is planning to invoke the insurrection act to declare the political side on the Chinese communist payroll as enemy combatants, Big Tech as a enemy combatant for screening violence being perpetrated against nationalists, patriots, veterans, christian's conservatives, antifa, judges, and many others as enemy combatants.


Here is my belief and I am open to feedback.  In light this is a very good and just option, one that will fix this in a mass sweep of our nation by activating everybody that has taken a oath under Title 5 U.S.C 3331, I think we should all come together and send up a signed letter in support of the action.  The insurrection act is used to thwart open rebellion by combatants within the U.S. which I have known for many years has been the case.  With this in mind, there should also be a massive prep.  Training, drilling, physical fitness and preparation for this maneuver if he declares this as I believe he will and the credibility is good.


So far, as I am reading, sounds like we are all spread out not organized.  Need to get organized at the bare minimum and plan for the issuance.  A untrained army is simply a mob.  Men without a plan, are already defeated.  I do not know how this will effect me as a wounded veteran, but I am good to go, injured or not.  This is one for the history books, worth fighting for because we win something and some casualties get justice.  If there is no central organized Wisconsin Chapter currently, I'll head it up.  Open to others heading up the organization though, going to need funds, supplies, I have some ideas but only after the issuance.  Just post a reply.

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Well I am being charged with a Felony, not legit Constitutionally, it's just a big gun grab really.  I also am not a leader.  I am a tech guy, signal core.  I support.  But, I am starting a new topic today on the removal of our 2nd Amendment by the Supreme Court.  I was planning on taking my study of law and fighting this up to the Supreme Court, but now we know who they are, they uncloaked today, so your guns are gone now.  Remember today, 11/12/2019

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