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Todd A. Slee

In Honor of Those...

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     Here is probably the most beautiful musical tribute I have seen, to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, that we can breathe a little easier


     Those are not the fallen, but rather are of those who have ran their course and passed the "baton" to another, going elsewhere for a respite.

     We may do Patriotic service for what is, in reality or seemingly so, an ill founded, misguided or mismanaged endeavor by some. But the Almighty knows what the thoughts and intents of our hearts are, as we try our feeble best to promote and perpetuate the true cause and essence of liberty.

     Some of you remember the Ricola coffee commercial (forty some years ago),  where the man is standing in the misty mountains one morning, proclaiming "Ricola", and the echo reverberates across the mountain ridges and throughout the valleys.

     I remember thinking then, that the scenario was an inkling that something in the future, which I couldn't  then grasp, remained for me to do, something particular, beyond my cognition at the time.

     That thought came to my recollection as I was inspired to post this memorial to those, both military, civilian and government, who have unselfishly given their all.

     We will never know, on this side of eternity, what good we can do if we only try, in action big and small. Nor do we get answers always immediately, as to what we are to do. It is merely our responsibility to Him, country and fellows, to do. 'Semper Liberi!'.

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