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Good day Patriots
I have been reading through some of the comments left about current times. It kind of concerns me that so many are allowing their emotions to control their possible actions. What you all need to keep in mind is; Violence Leads to Violence, We as the Militia, III% or whatever else you want to call yourselves, Can Not stoop to the level that ANTIFA has taken.
We do not need to jump right in a start an all-out war. We as a whole are much better than that. Our passions can cloud our thought processes. That is human nature. We need to look at the overall picture and look at what we want as a final outcome. Do we want total chaos or do we want a resolve that stays as peaceful as possible?
We do not want to overthrow anyone or anything. I personally just want things to stay as our forefathers intended. I swore an oath to protect and defend, that is my intention and my future. The better we can make ourselves look as a group, the more serious people will take us. If we act out with violent actions, the world we see us as we see the worthless ANTIFA Thumb Suckers. We Do Not want to create our own FUBAR.
We have to take a step back and think of the future of our intentions from a strategic perspective. We need to think of less violence and more training. We need to seriously prepare for the worst, and stay vigilant. We need to use the training to keep us on the right path. Let the idiots lose their minds over their "Not My President" movement.
We as American Patriots and supporters of our Nations Constitution, need to look at what we desire as a final outcome. Make your voices heard. Venting in this group is a good thing, but unless more of us are willing to show up and support our beliefs, we continue to lose ground.
If the SHTF then it is time for us to throw down the gloves and put our training into action. Only then, and only then do we need to take up arms to defend the Oath that we took. We need to look at our leaders for direction, It is fine to voice your passions as long as you do not sound like the tyrants we are trying to prevent.
We need to get back to sharing resources and knowledge if we are serious about defending our Country. Train every chance you get. Get together with Fellow Patriots and talk off of any monitored form of Big Brother. We need to help each other to keep things peaceful until Peaceful is no longer an option.
These are just my thoughts about current times. God Bless and keep your heads on a swivel.
1st SGT
19th Infantry, 1st Division, Co. A. East Tennessee

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