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Why America Needs Militias


I will be the first to admit that the militia has not a few, but many inherent flaws. This was a problem in the American Revolution, the war of 1812, and the civil war to name a few. We may be mocked for our tendency to retreat, we may be labeled as warmongers and terrorists for our actions and beliefs, and we may not always be the best ones for the job, but we are always there. We may not save the day, but when war looms on American soil, the militia is the first to answer the call. We are the first to give a warning and the first to face the danger.


We have our fair share of problems, but what we have to offer is worth the effort, especially when the alternative is the destruction of a system that has so much potential. While it may have been a relationship born from desperation and necessity America and militias, public and private, go hand in hand.

Militias will always have a place in the American way of life. Militias are the products of communities and societies that work together for the common defense. To shame and degrade the militia in its entirety would be to do the same to society itself. When danger looms, militias are born, When war is declared patriots arm and prepare, and when chaos is bound to reign supreme, it will always be militias who answer the call.


Militias are the people at arms, after all. To deny the creation of militias is to deny the most basic, foundational, and fundamental right of all. The right of self-defense, for the people at large. That is a blasphemy and an infraction of the highest magnitude. To disarm the militia is the best and most effectual way to enslave them. When all else fails, the militia will always be a last resort, the last hope. The militia is the peoples, liberties, teeth.


Let Them Take Arms!

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