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The First Shots Fired, Dunn County, Menomonie, Wisconsin

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Over the last year and a half, six different people have stated the exact same thing about this Judge, the Honorable Judge Smeltzer, "He's out to make a difference."


Yesterday, September 9th, the first shots in were fired in court by myself in a attempt to rectify the years of wrong, and the real problem, the transformation of our country thru legislative compromise that violate our fundamental laws.


When court began, I waited a minute then spoke up, "Open Justice!".  Mrs.  Kerry Kelm, my appointed attorney was silent, the judge leaned forward ever intently, I looked at him and stated, "British Common Law".  I stood up and lifted the bible I had brought and said, "Your honor, according to this bible and my God, absolutely no way should I have threatened my ex-wife with bodily harm.  You have your accountability.  This could have been over in two weeks, not two years.  However, the 8th amendment guarantees me a sentence proportional to the crime.  See, the original principal was a eye for a eye a tooth for a tooth.  The size of the Wisconsin Legislation, If I dropped it on the table, would make a loud thud.  How do you measure fear?  I've asked this of many people outside this court, so surely you have the answer."


The Honorable Judge Smeltzer replied, "Mr. Glinski, some of the things you have said have troubled me for years.  You have a couple things going in your favor, there has been no incident in a year and a half."


I then proceeded, "Your honor, the last year I spent sleeping in a janitors closet because every apartment complex has denied me rent on a open case.  Now it's illegal because we signed treaties with the U.N. ratified by our congress that the presumption of innocence is a basic human right.  I won't tell you where I am at right now."


Mrs. Kelm my appointed attorney then interrupted me, "The judge does not have time for you diatribe.", however I continued, "This DA is forcing me to fight her over a felony for something that can not be measured.  The DA's case has no weight.  Over the last year and a half, six different people have stated the same thing about you, 'He's out to make a difference.', so I have to conclude your a good man."


The Honorable Judge Smeltzer replied, "Mr. Glinski, there are rules and procedures we have to follow, you will get your chance."


We got up, but I asked one last question, "How are those working for you?  Are your jails less crowded?  Is your funding freeing up?" I grinned and waved my hands, my tone of voice like in hallelujah, "Are lives being changed?!!"


The Honorable Judge Smeltzer,, just looked at me, beamed with a grin.


Case Details:


I wish to denote.  For 13 years I have been financially, mentally and emotionally raped by Mrs. Nodolf's supposed victims.  My son is terminally ill as of 2016.  His mother ran state to state, I've seen him 6 times in his life at best.  I've paid the bill, was shipped the birthing expenses, medical, and in 2017 I was violated illegally by the VA for a damage of 6990 dollars illegally walking over Federal Guidelines over a 4 year old garnishment order no less while being called in official paper work, "A Rambling Man"  His mother got another phone in order to override the block I had placed on hers.  My daughters mother that same year, she cut all communication with my daughter, despite 3 emails demanding to speak with my daughter or a reason why she was being with held, no response all year.  Same year, I was being verbally abused by a Doctor at the VA, denied medical to which I have 3 audio recordings.  To date, my sons mother, despite full payment of the arrears at a extra cost of 6990.00, in violation of our agreement that on payment of the arrears I get the child income tax credit every other year, is continuing to steal the child income tax credit, which also means fraud on a Federal Tax Form.  To date, I have demanded from my prior attorney and this new appointed attorney, the yahoo DVD to which my old friend and I had conversations on why I should totally drop my daughter after the divorce, the court being involved in family, which, under the 8th amendment you can no measure the relationship between to people, or the decision to make a human life, so the United States Government has no business being involved, just like, if there is no measurable damage, the court should not be hearing the case, but yet the laws are on the book.




The issue is several things.  First, these evil people could not come in and transform our fundamental laws, so instead they added and subtracted from them to such a degree there is no limitation.  Furthermore, Mrs. Kelm, my appointed attorney, believes, and now the judge is witness, our 8th amendment, measurement of a crime, my basic human right to the presumption of innocence and it's violation are a "Diatribe."  They have had their nose in this soldiers family, messed with the relationship with my daughter and by authorizing what I have coined "Legalized Kidnapping", a injunction on my daughter when this started.  Now, after 10 years of abuse by the VA, denied medical treatment, over 60 grand in damages, because they have violated our fundamental laws, turned court into a matter of profit not principal, I just opened the first shots, but, Mrs. Kelm, she is the first casualty I am inflicting on this court.


The judge is now witness to her opinion of our fundamentals, it's on the minutes, they are a "Diatribe."  I am giving the judge until the next court date to think about those things.  Next court hearing, gloves are coming off.  I am firing Mrs. Kelm, but, I am confronting the judge about the fact, she sat right in his court room, made that statement, and he didn't even flinch.  Oh yeah, I am going to shake him up a bit just like last year, I am leaving with his hands shaking and cornered.  I have concluded, while he is a judge, at the end of the day, he is also a person and obviously, it's one happy court case to the next, right into his and our caskets.  Mrs. Kelm is a wolf in sheep clothing, working from the inside, with no interest in our fundamental laws and no interest in really defending me.  She should be disbarredThis is going to be very angry, aggressive and I'm not backing down.  The DA will not make me a reasonable offer so I am going to keep chopping off arms and limbs off, proverbially speaking, of course until this judge is woke up.  I must conclude after 22 years, if he is troubled, perhaps that is because something is wrong and if he really is the man everyone claims, and from my experience, he is, this man is asleep in happy go lucky, lala land.  He has more power in his possession then I do in  writing, and needs to be sending this stuff back up.  Those pesky rules he's clinging to, they have been hijacked!  Persuade him and wake him the hell up, you get change, but he has to realize, with the theft of elections, those rules no longer apply and he is not obligated to conform 


If your not working and around Dunn  County Courthouse, Menomonie, Wisconsin, November 11th, 0945 the battle begins and it will be intense, but the goal is  not just accountability but to ensure this quits for everyone.  The more people, the better.





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Author of the topic Posted (edited)

Let me tell you people whats going to happen, because I am showing you how it's done.  I'm a bad man.  I'm being wrapped up for things this judge can't measure and he can't answer the question, "How do you measure fear?".  I have another one for you, "How do you measure what a person views?".  But, here is the best one, "How do you measure the decision between two people to have a relationship?  When a woman and man makes a decision to create a life, how do you measure that?  When those decision go south and it doesn't work out, how do you measure that?".  


You know what the law say's should happen to Mrs. Kelm?  She should be put in front of a bar, stripped of her law degrees, and disqualified for life from practicing law!


You know what law say's when a judge violates your right, to argue the introduction of evidence last year, because of political pressure, when a judge doesn't care about our fundamental way of life and the basic qualification, you must be able to measure a crime, doesn't even flinch at a lawyer that blatantly calls our 8th amendment guarantee that the sentence must be proportional to the crime, my basic human right to the presumption of innocence and it's violation a, "Diatribe" in his own court room, don't you?  He should be put in front of a judicial committee, stripped of his right to serve, and disbarred for life.


This is a little preview of what's going to happen in court November 11th, 2019.  This is the first of many proverbial casualties, as i clear his court and Dunn county of all the traitors posing as defenders of the American way of life!  I can tell you one thing I am going to say, "Perhaps your honor, if these things I have said are troubling you, there is something wrong."  But, I have had six people tell me, "That man is out to make a difference!", so I have to conclude, "Your a good man and after 22 years, I have to believe you got some good judge buddies, so why aren't you all pushing some ink to paper and sending this back up?!!!  Our fundamentals make it clear, it's the people that hold this government accountable, at the end of the day, when you hang up your robes, you kiss that lovely wife, your one of the people!!  Your out to make a difference, and my suspicion is, not all is well in the good old US of A and the clocks ticking!"


If your in Wisconsin, Dunn County, Menomonie, District Court, show your ass up!  This soldier is doing his duty one last time.  I'm pulling double duty now.  You want change, you want to keep America great, you want a future, you want prosperity and security, this is how it's done.  You persuade good men and hold their feet to the fire to actually do something!  YOU WILL BE ENTERTAINED!!!


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