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Timothy Leeny

Democrats openly embracing gun confiscation.

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My question is if this comes to be in our future that a nut job democrat candidate is elected and tries to take our guns by force, how will our Militia come to each others aid? When someone comes to our home with guns to take ours can we call our fellow members to come to support?  I know I will never give up mine. So, how will we support each other? 

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While I am not located in Utah and wouldn't be of much assistance to you on that end... my hope would be that if an area had Law Enforcement going around confiscating guns the regional Militia's would step up and put a stop to it.  It wouldn't take long to stop that as there aren't enough Law Enforcement Officers to truly carry out that task.  It's a different matter if the National Guard is deployed for the task and is willing to cooperate with State and Federal orders.  


We don't really have any idea as to how the Government would even attempt to pull off such a confiscation.  There is a high probability that most Law Enforcement agencies and Military branches would out right refuse to cooperate. 


The most likely scenario we will encounter is Red Flag related.  I doubt most of these scenarios entail a couple regular uniform officers knocking on the door and politely asking the owner to hand over their guns.  Usually it's at some odd hour of the early morning with a SWAT type unit.  They are going to arrive when they know you're home and unprepared - rattling you out of your sleep and making sure you're disoriented with flashing lights, obnoxiously loud sounds, and other psychological tactics.  By time the person is aware they are under attack/confiscation measures there would be no time for Militia to rally and respond - you have to dial someone, hope they hear it ring at 3 a.m., all while trying to defend your home, get your act in order, and sucking tear gas.  Unless you're living in a compound like the folks in Waco... you aren't holding out very long against a SWAT unit.  


If they come knocking on your door... you are on your own in that moment.  Just remember... the commies will spin your actions in that moment to their advantage.  If you peacefully surrender... no major coverage will be seen and your side of the story will never be heard by the public.  If you fight back, you'll be another example of a violent right winger who was necessarily eliminated.  Pick your poison.  




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Hey Tim, I am in Utah, but most likely not near you. Here's my take;


If it's regional or national confiscation, then more then likely the local Militia will already be mobilized against such actions. Just hope that you're not on their radar and topping their list, because you may be the catalyst.


The 'Red Flag' scenario proposed above would really depend on if you were already a target. Stay under the radar, stay gray man... just like so many others out there are doing. Rest assured that when that SHTF events happens, we will be pouring out of the woodwork. Be alert, be ready and keep your powder dry. We're out here.

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