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 During the cold war everyone was familiar with the term MAD, which stood for Mutually Assured Destruction.

With the HOR becoming the second coming of the communist party, and with their attempt to unseat this president (AGAIN);

The IG report will finally exploded their already overly taxed (the exact thing they want to do to us) feeble brains.

This report hits all the high notes: Obama, Hillary and Bill, Mr. YMCA himself Shiff. Its got everything, The spying on President Trump, who authorized it and who knew about it. The Server, and were not talking waiters here. And much, much more.


  The Presidential race of 2020 is shaping up to be the most divisive in American history, even the election of 1860 cannot compare to this one. It is my opinion that we are headed toward a civil war 2.0 here in America.  This report will be the

opening shot.




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