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Cobalt Kinetics Discontinues Civilian Rifles, Enters 1911 Market

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Cobalt Kinetics announced the end of civilian rifle sales and the beginning of 1911 production. Cobalt Kinetics announced the end of civilian rifle sales and the beginning of 1911 production. Cobalt Kinetics announced the end of civilian rifle sales and the beginning of 1911 production.

Cobalt Kinetics recently announced the company will discontinue its entire lineup of semi-automatic rifles to the civilian market. The move comes a few weeks after the announcement Cobalt joined MARS, Inc., in a U.S. Army NGSW submission. Then the company broke even more news, announcing the move to begin high-end 1911 production for the civilian market.

“We are sorry to have to take the BAMF out of production,” said Skylar Stewart, vice president and marketing director, Cobalt Kinetics. “We all worked tirelessly to create it and get it out into the world and establish and grow the market for the super-premium AR-15. But times change, market demand shifts, and we’re only looking forward. We have really been wanting to expand our offering for a long time and this shift gives us the chance to make good on that plan. Our pistol-smith, Dave Lake, has a lot of experience and has given us a healthy head start on this thing. We’re going to hit the ground running. We plan to break some rules, turn some heads and make our mark on the firearm industry again.”

Cobalt Kinetics 1911 Pistols

While it appears rifle efforts now focus on a potential massive Army contract, Cobalt will attempt to capture the magic and cache it earned with the release of truly innovative AR designs.

Cobalt plans to build modular-framed, high-capacity 1911-based handguns. In discussion for more than two years, according to Cobalt, the company plans a full line. Models include a commander-sized carry pistol, suppressor-ready tactical pistol and USPSA competition pistols.

While exact features and details of each model are still being refined, Cobalt says they’re willing and able to make good on most any custom request. To deliver on this custom-based manufacturing process, Cobalt enlisted David Lake, a veteran gun-builder. Lake built competition handguns for world champions in various shooting disciplines, according to Cobalt.

The company recently released a few pistols; however, no timeline for production guns, nor prices, are released at this time. But shooters should expect high-end Cobalt Kinetics 1911 pistols and prices to match.

For those interested in rifles, Cobalt says it has a limited inventory in stock. The inventory includes new rifles, trade show guns and demo rifles. Only 200 new rifles remain, and the company says a full factory warranty remains.

For more information, visit cobaltkinetics.com.

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