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Is there a difference between nationalism and racism?

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Lets take a look at nationalists' vs supremacists’ shall we?


Nationalists' are defined as so...



Supremacists’ are defined as so...



Do you see much of a difference?


ALMOST EVERY AMERICAN is a “nationalist” of one kind or another. So is almost every Russian, Chinese, or North Korean.


But wait We are not accusing you of any sort of bias, racism, or other unpleasant views. We are merely trying to emphasize, again, how overly simplistic some labels can be and how they are twisted and turned to make "US" look like the bad guys.


Like the demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, that resulted in violence and death were described in news reports in different ways. Some called one group of demonstrators “white nationalists.” Others call that same group “white supremacists.” Some used both terms in the same article. 


What are we exactly? No ... Really I want to know what am I?


Those terms mean two different things, though they are some what related.


A “supremacist” believes a particular race (or sex, or other genetic or cultural characteristic) is naturally superior to others. Because you must know what the characteristic is that is believed to be “supreme,” an adjective has to be attached. Thus there are “white supremacists,” “Muslim supremacists,” “male supremacists” (also sometimes known as “misogynists”), etc. Racial and cultural groups can also have their own internal divisions, as in Sunnis who believe themselves “supreme” in relation to Shiites, and vice versa.


A “nationalist” though, is at heart merely someone who strongly believes in the interest of one’s own nation, however “nation” might be defined. President Trump is a proud “nationalist,” as are most everyone to the far right. I'm thinking this is where I am...


But adding an adjective to indicate what “their” nation is can turn “nationalism” into a polarizing term...


Such as a “white nationalist” ... much different  as they generally want a nation of only white people. Whether that means creating a separate nation of just white people or pushing those who are not white out of their current nation depends on which branch of “white nationalism” is talking.


While many “white nationalists” are also “white supremacists” because they believe white people are inherently superior to other races, the terms are really not interchangeable.


As Merriam-Webster explains, “white nationalist is defined as ‘one of a group of militant whites who espouse white supremacy and advocate enforced racial segregation,’ while white supremacist is ‘a person who believes that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over people of other races.


Words and labels are often thrown about in emotional situations, but people need to take the high road and not fuel the rhetoric. It’s easy to resort to labels, but that can play into the polemics at work.


What, then, should we call the people who demonstrated against removing the statue of Robert E. Lee? Or the people who demonstrated against them? Who really knows maybe we looks at in in a more simple term...


Racism is defined as ...



Nationalism is defined as...



Yes, by sheer review of the dictionary definitions, there is a difference between racism and nationalism.


A real functional difference that we should all see in ourselves.


How I see it as the My Militia community stands..


"You" and "I" form a collective known as "WE"... are not very homogeneous.  


In fact, there is no real collective at all, Yes we may network but we remain the "UNORGANIZED MILITIA" it has to be that way..


The organized militia is the military.


"WE" exists only as the "WE" referred to in... "WE THE PEOPLE" but somehow "WE" have become a concern with just about every single person outside our circle, as they assume we are all a part of something different, like a "Society" one totally unlike their own.. and to a detrimental degree somehow...


"In their eyes "WE" have painted ourselves differently, They do not see that it is "WE" who have remained the same"


....those who continue to keep the candle burning by refusing to be ignorant.. ignorant of our past,  we have somehow became outcasts and alienated ourselves with the help of some cruel outsiders with their own agendas.


As days fade into nights we somehow become more proud of this entity they have painted us to be. We continue to move forward feeling united while on the outside they snarl and drift further and further away not just from us but from what is responsible for giving us all everything we love and cherish.


It is easy to define "WE" by using obvious qualifiers.. lets face it no one believes their own race is inferior to any other, and most of us may harbor personal ideas against at least some of the others. That shouldn't instantly qualify us all as racists, but for the ones on the outside who are racist, they perk up and fuel the cliche' for their own personal satisfaction as they begin to feel like they are part of a collective...something bigger, It becomes a sort of validation for them, a false one.


Lets face it, we often qualify our love of country with playful teasing of those who are not like us or originally from here. That doesn’t make us blanket nationalists until we stop tease laughing with those who are different or born on foreign soil and start laughing maniacally and pointing fingers at them like loudly yelling at them to go back to where they came from. There has to be a line in there somewhere. That line will move further and further towards a negative direction when we are pushed by tyrants to a point there is no turning back. 


In closing ... Yes, there is a difference between racism and nationalism. But racists and nationalists are all degrees of the same people.... and it's looking like thats who we are? There is no cure one ill and live with the other.


George Orwell wrote a famous essay claiming that nationalism was the belief that your country was superior to others while patriotism was the expression of love for your country. Do you agree that there is a difference?


What do you think? Please Comment Below....

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First off, a thesaurus that equates nationalism with xenophobia, jingoism, chauvinism, is biased. Those are modernist leftist connotations, not synonyms.


That said, racism refers to a RACE not a COUNTRY, so are they different? Duh.


The whole argument overlooks the fact that to love one's country is not to hate other countries, and to think one's country is better than others is not to think that it is entitled to dominate or subjugate others.


I'm tired of name calling in the name of "tolerance".

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