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Traitor infesting California governor office

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Prepare for Revolutionary War Two to end the madness that if it continues will destroy the USA.


"California Governor Gavin Newsom pardoned three immigrant felons last week to help them avoid being deported from the United States.

Newsom, who oversees the most pro-illegal immigration state in U.S. history, pardoned three immigrants — Arnou Aghamalian from Iran, Thear Seam from Cambodia, and Victor Ayala from El Salvador — in order to erase their criminal records and help them avoid deportation back to their native countries."



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1 hour ago, SecurityGuy42 said:

California is at most 5 years ahead of us in the agenda they have for this nation.

Interesting, so which states are the furthest away?

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California leads the way in authoritarianism.  I agree that states right behind it would be New York, Illinois, and most likely Connecticut and Oregon.  Farthest away would be the American redoubt states would be my guess.  The Left/Deep State/Globalists are definitely on the march so to speak.  Some say it is because they are worried they will loose it all next election because of polling data.  Others that they think they can win with a quick swift strike against the American people.  I'm not sure which but you can definitely see they are accelerating things right now.  I think the Impeachment charade is smoke and mirrors to cover up gun control getting pushed thru late at night some time here.  Once we know a Federal Red Flag Law has passed the left knows we will gear up and head to the woods.  To hedge their bets they are also pushing them at the State levels also.  Because we are less likely to start resisting with our firearms if it is only an individual state law.  We are for sure in the opening stages of a guerilla war here in the USA.  Funny thing is both sides believe they will be the guerilla resistance it seems.

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