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idlestorm cannot predict the future.......

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 I cannot predict the future. I always watch the Nostradamus shows and sometimes they jive with the past, JFK, RFK, Martian Luther King. Doesn't it always seem that he was accurate when people die, or something equally vague about World War 2. I sit there and shake my head and then i look through Revelation, Isaiah, ( posters note to readers: Yes those are books in the Bible). Two-thirds of the Bible are things that will happen in the future. The old testament foretold of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ sure, but that's not all it deals with. Isaiah 17: 1 foretells of the destruction of Damascus. Its total destruction, which means that it will be destroyed by a nuclear weapon or some other weapon of mass destruction. It talks about the burden of Damascus. Today Damascus is a huge burden. its the capital of Syria, but who is Syria's leader? Is it Erdogan? No President Trumps letter to him that is he keeps doing what he's doing, he'll crush his economy, and reminded him to not be a fool. So he's out....OH wait.....ASSAD. The leader of Syria, that's him right? No, not so much. Maybe in name only, but this clown has been in hiding for years.


   The leader of Syria is PUTIN. Vlad the mad Putin has been in charge of Syria since the Presidency of Obama. You remember all the "red lines" that he made in Syria, and everyone of them were crossed. So in total weakness and submission to Putin, Obama tells the Russian prime minister "I'll have more flexibility after the election". And flexible he was. He sold us out and made himself a laughing stock. Remember his arrival at the G-20 summit in China? The Guardian recalls it saying," The US president was denied the usual red carpet welcome and forced to ‘go out of the ass’ of Air Force One"

  Here's what we think of your leader. Don't you know the Chinese and the Russians had a good laugh at our expense. Well, Putin has made Damascus a burden, but God told Isaiah that 'Damascus will be taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap'.  Always remember that God is on his throne, and His will will be done. My next subject will be on Ezekiel 38. As a tid bit before that in the coming weeks, the last verse of Isaiah 17 says , " In the evening, sudden terror  Before the morning, they are gone!This is the portion of those who loot us, the lot of those who plunder us."

  This is for Christians also to remember. those that rob you or try to steal from you, this is their lot as well, they will share the fate of Damascus.



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Can't blame Putin and the Russians for having a chip on their shoulder after the Russo-Turkish war.  Syria has long been a strategic 'ally' for them in the Middle East.  Military build up on the Crimea and Syria give them key pressure points on Turkey... which has a particular chunk of land that they have coveted for centuries - Constantinople.  Remember, Putin is Russian/Eastern Orthodox.  That Istanbul exists rather than Constantinople is an affront to the Russian people.  


People seem to have lost sight of the fact that the Caliphate existed into the early 20th Century and that the 'Turks' (as the Islamic invaders of the Caliphate were called) are still engaged in holy war - hence the reason why the Middle East is such a crap stain and thorn in the side of the rest of humanity.  'We' in the West may not think the Holy Wars are still going on... the enemy to the east on the other hand haven't quit, surrendered, or forgotten.

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