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Are Las Vegas and Los Angeles the modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah?

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Please Remind me Is California Getting What They Asked For or Do We Feel Sorry For Them?




Hard to imagine the real sodom and gomorrah being must worst?




This is Really happening ...




They continue to flaunt their sins..



While trying to strip us of our rights..



The silent majority elects a man to purge our government of the corruption...



As the walls come falling down, they are trying everything in their power to stop him...



If they succeed... a hell will break loose, like no one has ever seen



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Does make you wonder.  I have heard people say that when they enter Los Angeles it feels like you are entering the presence of great evil.  That it is like a wall or curtain you pass through.

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I truly believe that California is experiencing the beginning of God's wrath on them.  Thankfully there is still time for them to turn from their wickedness.  Otherwise they are going to find out what happens when you openly rebel against the Almighty.  They will truly get what they deserve.

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