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HOW TO* Avoid Tyrannical Gun Confiscation - Best PRACTICAL Tips!

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HOW TO* Avoid Tyrannical Gun Confiscation - Best PRACTICAL Tips!


OPSEC. Operational Security...




"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” ― Mark Twain


"I prefer dangerous FREEDOM over peaceful SLAVERY" -Thomas Jefferson


"Si vis pacem para bellum" - Every wise warrior there ever was.





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Brilliant.  Very professionally done. Nice to see a pro-gun patriotic video not featuring old men in camo. 


One more suggestion which just occurred to me. It's not a pleasant one, but since I'm 75 years old, I can make it without feeling too uneasy.

Here it is: go get your AR15s now, while you still can.  But ... get someone around my age,  the older the better, preferably a relative, to buy them for you.

Better yet, team up with a few friends, and get us elderly folks to buy a bunch of weapons, perhaps over a several month period.  Of course we then gift them to you.

"We've come to confiscate old Doug's guns!"  "Oh ... didn't you know ... old Doug went to his maker, or somewhere, five years ago." "What did he do with his guns?" "Beats me ... oh , now I remember .. he said he wanted to be buried with them ... don't know if that happened or not but here's where he's interred."   


Which reminds me of a joke: 


An IRA man was interned (put in jail) by the British. His wife  wrote him an anguished letter: "Seamus, now you're locked up, who's  going to dig up the Souith 40 and plant the potatoes?" Seamus wrote back, "The South 40??? For God's sake, don't go digging there ... that's where the guns are buried!"  A few days later his wife wrote again: "Seamus, the British Army was here and they've dug up  the whole South 40!!!!" Seamus wrote back: "Now put in the potatoes."   


So maybe tell them old Doug said he buried them secretly   on that big lot owned by the the town's most extreme liberal.


I didn't know about the Concealed Carry Permit allowing you to buy ammo without a background check, but this is obvious common sense.


"Loose lips sink ships". So true. Law Enforcement -- who are overwhelmingly good guys -- are going to be under increasing pressure to go after the 'miliitas', and any similar groups. There are already straws in the wind on this: a legal scholar just wrote a paper on how 'private armies' are illegal, and the militias have had a blind eye turned on them, but now is the time to move.  I personally would not at all count on any electoral good news in 2020 -- and if I'm right, the new rulers will definitely want to come after your guns, and if they're smart, they'll first gather intelligence about who has them. In fact, I would bet good money this has already been happening.  It's a shame, because many gun owners like to show off their weapons and their gun knowledge.  But it would be highly advisable to stick to admitting owning only weapons that are unlikely, in the first instance, to be confiscated: bolt-action hunting rifles that don't look scary, and shotguns. 


Would reload ability be relevant here?  I know nothing about this, but how much does it cost and what do you have to do, to learn to reload your own ammo?

What are the background checks on reloaders, and on the supplies (primers and powder) that they buy?


One more 'tip': do you know anyone -- probably a young person -- who is also a patriot, but who may not have registered to vote yet?  If so, make him do it!!!

And: for the sort of people who post on forums like this, it's probably hard to believe, but ... there are lots of people who may be registered, and who may have the right attitude politically, but .. who

will not bother to vote on election day.  "We're going to lose anyway." or "We're going to win anyway."   "My vote won't count."   "The libs will just steal the election."   Wrong, wrong, wrong: it might be a good idea to have a Voting Party -- everyone meets for a meal or drinks before or after voting ... but goes down and votes as a group.

You can get a lot further in life with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone.

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another tip to avoid confiscation,  move out of democrat strong hold states.


Obama tried very hard to chip away at and destroy the 2nd Amendment, and the leftists saw the hard push back, I am almost wondering if attacking the 2nd amendment is a joke, because all that happens is, we see a big out cry,  to make a change, an dont take our guns, n who wins, Gun companies.  The NRA gets a whipping, but the Gun companies themselves seem to do great with sales during the frenzy of calls to take away certain rifles.

might be nothing, dunno.


Also, I don't see the need to attack the NRA as if they are the soul leadership to fire arms in general... I cant figure out why they are the big target. doesn't matter n the end though.


 A conservative talk show host on the radio  was saying how the colors of the political parties , shouldnt be red and blue, it should be Blue and Grey.  It is a shame that the democrat party is what it is, and only gets worse more over one tries to explain to democrat voters how for all the cries of the democrat party of how unfair everything is, that they have not done one thing to improve anything what so ever on any level, it doesn't matter. an on top of that it would be a blame shift to well that is because republicans an conservatives are not bi partisan enough.  Ya have the crazies of the left who are beyond stubborn, an just flat out insane to stick with being consumed with the fear that their party sells and instills an there just is no changing their minds.  


I dunno how some people can continue watching any of the news any more, fox or other wise, it is all disgusting bs non stop, to the point that it becomes okay do i want to keep my sanity, or do i want to become the next lunatic to end up on the evening news for all the wrong reasons. An I choose more often than not to keep my sanity an shut the news off, an stick to the radio for about half an hour.


Anyhow aint worried about gun confiscation, trick is, to know how to level up when SHTF, ya get good melee weapon or compound bow / cross bow, an whack said what ever who has a good fire arm, and ipsofacto you just leveled up. idiots keep crying about gun control as if that is going to solve everything, an then the reply is, well it is a start. an granted it is a start, to becoming like the movie, Minority Report, where you can get arrested for committing a crime in the future where it is shown you commit a crime that you havent committed in the present.   Ya try to convince crazy people that taking away guns wont stop mass murders, and violence and it falls on deaf ears. an worse ya got some who say they would rather have a maniac running around with a knife killing people than a gun. or you try an ask well what about the serial killer who killed how ever amount of people with out a gun,,, an they just roll their eyes.

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