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OATHKEEPERS , Alabama unit

Emergency Recruitment For Members For a Special Opperations Unit To Deploy To The Border!

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Hello, I am Earl Webb, Commander of the Alabama Unit of Oathkeepers III% Militia! I am putting up this Emergency Recruitment Notice to any person, male or female with Law Enforcement, Military or Paramedic or other medical training or persons with armed security experience or persons that are adequate with firearms such as a semi auto pistol and military style semi auto rifle that can take orders and has plain old common sense , that is interested in joining our unit and being a part of a special operations unit that will be used on the border! I want to get at least a 12 person team together that can start immediate training! Selected team members will get compensated for their service when deployed. Deployment will be for full 3 week term. Food, ammo, water , and other items will be furnished, I live in North, Alabama, just outside Huntsville, in Madison County. I want persons that are dedicated, serious and can be counted on when they are called upon. Persons must be able to pull a 3 week deployment in the field! There will be at least one guaranteed 3 week deployment and very more than likely several, with payment for each 3 week deployment term! This is not playing war games! This is a real unit that is being put together so training can commence to insure everyone is trained and knows their position and most of all, knows how to work as a unit! I am a Marine Corps Veteran and a Retired Law Enforcement officer and I expect each member to be professional and have discipline! If you think you have what it takes to be part of this special operations unit, contact me as soon as possible. All members must have or be able to pass a background check and have or acquire a concealed carry pistol permit! I will want to see any type of training certificates, honorable discharge  or any other experience you claim to have! NO FELONS, CHILD MOLESTORS, PERSONS ACCUSED OF CHILD MOLESTATION OR RAPE , THIEVES , AND SORRY BUT NO MUSLIMS ,  NEED APPLY! NO DRUG USE OR ALCOHOL ABUSE WILL BE TOLERATED! NO ILLEGAL ACTIVITY WILL BE CONDONED AND THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION WILL BE UP HELD! USE THE MY MILITIA WEBSITE TO CONTACT ME!

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