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Illegal Alien Barbarian Invaders

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Get the rampaging illegal alien horde out of the USA then track down the USA citizen traitors that want the invaders here and sentence them to labor camps at HARD-LABOR for many years!!!




Look at the flags the invaders are carrying. Come to the USA for the hand-outs!!!! Come to the USA for the sanctuary cities!!!  Come to the USA where females can be raped and children molested and their loved ones will not kill you as is done in our home countries!!!!



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If the USA stopped all the hand-outs perhaps those people whose cultures are Roman-Catholic based and founded by Spaniards and Portuguese would be far less likely to head for a Protestant north-western European based society and head to the south where the cultures there are far closer to what they are departing.  Those foreign folks receive their understanding of the USA from leftists and Marxists who promote the invasion of the USA along with the tripe spewed by the elite-owned entertainment industries of the USA and by propaganda spewers sent to 2nd- and 3rd-world countries by organizations funded by Soros and other demonic traitor-tyrants whose desire is to destroy the USA along with all of Western civilization.


These are extremely complex topics far beyond what can be covered here.

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